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Wolfsong When his wolf dog goes from furry to beautiful girl in 27 seconds 17 year old Kia doesn’t believe it Arii’s been recruited to bring Kia home back to her realm where werewolves are real the supernatural exists and tension between the two wolf packs is threatening to erupt into a full scale war With his father missing Kia is the rightful heir and without an Alpha’s power behind them their pack is defenseless in the face of an oncoming battleKia has spent his entire life being a wallflower—he’s not leader material but he’s not given a choice Stolen away from all he knows he’s thrust into a world where rank is dictated by the color of your eyes and where the light of the full moon transforms you into a powerful beast All Kia wants is to go home where his only worry is not flunking calculusWith the help of his new found friends he soon realizes that the only way to return to the real world is to end the war—but not everyone wants Kia to succeed and as he starts to enjoy his awakening confidence as a leader and he falls deeper in love with Arii he starts to doubt if he wants to go back at all

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  1. Kaitlyn Francis Kaitlyn Francis says:

    Ever wonder if or when you had the nerve to go and talk to a girl and when you do she likes you back and makes you tongue tied For Kia having a crush on a girl is normal for any teenager but when sad girl turns into a wolf normal doesn't even begin to cover it Especially when she says he needs to return with her and become alpha of the pack yeah life just got a little weird for Kia to think today he thought would be nice because he was going to talk to a girl Boy was he wrong never the idea of him being a wolf ever crossed his mind and to boot his father is or was an alpha What Kia understands is that the stories his father told him when he was a boy became reality when Arii came and turned into the thing he never thought was possible turned out to be true and very real Him a decedent of a wolf pack yeah right and pigs fly through the nightHe knows he isn't that and doesn't want to go at all because that would mean he would be leaving his family so he made up his mind Arii left and that was that or so he thought turned out cell phones can lead to trouble and with one message Kia finds himself in the last place he ever thought he see The tribe captured him and of course want him to become leader of the pack If your captured and you didn't say goodbye you wouldn't play nice right? So with time Kia begins to feel like them and even though the he misses his family he knows the pack has become his second family and he feels the need to protect them What he never thought was possible became his reality and he though Arii lured him in he became attached to the pack and also to her He cares deeply for her and repeatedly tells her how much he cares for her For him she is his and she believes that as well he didn't see any of this ever becoming his future but with Arii by his side he knows the pack is safe Reading about these wolves was such a pleasure I was so much enthralled with the story couldn't help but want a little and of course I know Kia's adventure has just begun Being a wolf comes naturally to them and when they change its like magic simple change I loved that even though Kia didn't want to be alpha but he got used to the idea and tried Kia had an amazing presence and was able to gain the trust from all of the pack I loved this because for Kia becoming the pack's alpha was the first step to his journey the next step is finding a way to guide his pack into a the future he was destined to lead them in This was a lovely story with action romance and also a journey to finding one's destinyview my review here

  2. Sadaf Sadaf says:

    I am crazy about everything supernatural there is just something about it that thrills me Add in some adventure action mystery romance supernatural creatures and royalty and that makes the perfect recipe for a well adored book for me I happened by Wolfsong by chance while browsing for some good paranormal and werewolf stories on Wattpad and upon reading the epilogue decided to give it a try Well I was seriously not disappointedThe journey with Kia his life through his eyes made me feel like I was in a movie or better I was there watching it through Kia's eyes Watching as he developed from an unconfident shy and peaceful guy to a confident courageous and committed leader and mate The boy who couldn't even talk to his crush first got attacked by a spiteful Sikta lost his love to the otherworld only to be reunited with her by being kidnapped dragged into a foreign world where he learned his true identity and legacy How he travelled through the journey from being unwillingly there to fighting for those people his people willingly He has a clever mind skills and a compassionate nature He takes down Kanzi without a full on combat stands up for the lower rankers and finally proposes to the love of his lifeAriiantha's role is also remarkable along with others as Skythe Tasha Kitane Aliel Tallys and Sikta The way she played out her part and made Kia fall for her though she fell for him too but the plot was totally amazing And I love the happy ending the Tasha and Kitane got being apart all these years and finally reuniting due to their son's strivesIt was a totally captivating story that kept me on edge and my face glued to the screen for three whole days I'd say to those who haven't tried it yet Give it a go guys You won't be disappointed

  3. Sophie Sophie says:

    45 stars I absolutely loved this book The characters were amazing the plot intriguing and the world building was beautiful The book was about a boy Kia who learns that he is a werewolf and is set to lead his pack in their realm the Otherside The premise sounds a little strange but I love paranormal so I jumped in Read it on wattpad boy am I happy I did Kia was an amazing character and I was rooting for him the entire time His romance with Arii was sweet and I loved the absence of a love triangle However my favorite characters were Aliel and Shae Both of them were wonderful to read about and again the lack of sibling rivalry was appreciated Those two were Arii's brother and Kia's sister respectivelyThe idea of a pack war was awesome and I liked how it related back to the story's mythology It was clear and there were no info dumps I also liked the plot lines involving Kia's dad Plus all of the minor characters made the world believable and entertainingWorld building I felt like I could step into the Otherside It was sopretty I don't know how else to describe it Some might find it too perfect but I thought it was wonderful Basically the only problem I had with this book was how uickly Kia accepted the supernatural world but in the scheme of things that is infinitesimal I can't wait to read the seuel

  4. Denniezen Denniezen says:

    Like I said Wolfsong is kind of predictable which started off as the protagonist not knowing that he is a mythical creature and an Alpha or the last descendant of a Royalty Then by a situation out of his control he was turned into the being he didn't imagine or think as possible He resisted to accept the fact that he is already one of them until later on he grew to love everything that has become of him that he can no longer imagine life otherwise After he met a beautiful girl who was supposed to be his mate Then they became lovers who undergone betrayal from secrets a love uarrel here and there and later on was able to patch up their differences and decided that they cannot live without the other Know that stuff? And this reluctant Alpha wolf who was misjudged to be good for nothing proved his pack wrong by being a hero by saving the lives of hundreds of werewolves from getting into bloodshed Predictable right? But regardless of the similarities of all wolf stories I still love to read them just because I like wolf stories and I have respect for authors who describes characters vampires werewolves and whatnot to be perceived as beautiful and although wild and predatory are actually harmless and full of humanity

  5. Ee Ee says:

    This book is a beautiful story about a boy Kia who was tricked into the Otherside a realm where people have no technology and have two forms human and wolf It was revealed to Kia there that his father Kitane was actually the King of the pack Altehrei This makes Kia Silverwind the unwilling and unaware half blood Prince of Altehrei That was not the reason he was kidnapped though Kia was told that his father had gone missing a few months back leaving him the new King of Altehrei Kia was apprehensive at first but after Changing into his wolf the first time and experiencing the magical wonders of the Realm of the Otherside he decided to accept Kingship and shoulder the responsibilities of becoming King Oh and not to forget the gorgeous and fiery Ariiantha of course She was the whole reason of him being there after all This heart touching and warming tale of a boy or half werewolf spun by Kodilynn Calhoun who I thank is not to be missed by any fantasy lover The moment I opened the book I was already caught up in the swirling whirlwind of the book Wolfsong Really you have no idea how much I want to be there and join them in their song worthy for the stars

  6. Alyssa Riveron Alyssa Riveron says:

    This book is about book was amazing im grateful to have had the privilege to read it on wattpad Basically this book is about a teenager Kia'la who is very awkward and shy That is until one day he finds about his wolf dog can transform into A GIRL BUT NOT JUST ANY GIRL beautiful and strong Ari the attraction is strong But one thing kia'la doesn't know is hes the last heir to the alpha and without in alpha in the other side the pack is in great danger Ari was sent to kia to seduce him and bring him to the other side but she can't do it and goes back to the otherside mysteriously kia gets a text from Ari and goes looking for her next thing he knows he's kidnapped and thrusted into a world where people trust him and others despise him all he's left with is confusing and passion passion to save his people passion to be with Ari what is he going to do?i really enjoyed this book i stayed up all night to finish it and i have recommended to ten people already everyone of my friends have loved it and once we all finished it had a lot of girl talk then we figured out about wolfspirt and broke down screaming

  7. Mιss •kαthєяίиє• Τhε Emεrαℓd Pяίиcεss® Mιss •kαthєяίиє• Τhε Emεrαℓd Pяίиcεss® says:

    I read this on Wattpad what can I say about that site I love itAnyway found it uite by accident while I was looking for some werewolf stories I know I should be ashamed but right now I'm hooked with themSooo this story is about a young normal as he thinks he is teen returning one day from school to see a stray wolf dog in a alley that he has been taking care of his mother doesn't like dogs in their home when a wolf attacks him That's how Kia finds out that he is a werewolf His father was the alfa of their pack bu for some reasons he has disappeared and his pack takes him in their dimension to train him to take his missing father's place At first he doesn't want to as his father left their family but he soon fells in love with the she wolf that he was looking after in the first place before he found out what he was And his adventures begin With a strong enemy pack fighting to kill his and with a shewolf that wants to claim his place Kia will have his life changed foreverNice story definitely uniue I liked it A lot

  8. Mer Mer says:

    This is a good story about a young boy who lost his father when he was young and then learns the reason why and his try heritage He learns that he is part werewolf and he is heir to the throne in a different dimension The book is about him learning to fit into this new role of his life and accepting who he supposed to be while trying to fight a war against another pack of wolves I really did enjoy the characters in this book and the storyline and the whole premise of another dimension where this pack lives The part I had a hard time with was the uick resolution of certain situations with characters especially at the end Kia had to leave his family to go to his pack and was missing for months but when he finally saw his family it just seemed like it all went back to normal in a snap I just felt like I'd invested the whole book into the outcome and then it was sort of short at the end All in all a really nice story especially from such a young author I did recieve a free copy for my review

  9. Margaret Margaret says:

    I received a complimentary copy of Wolfsong in exchange for my honest review of itI enjoyed this book immensely Kia'la is a half human half wolf heir to the throne of his father's people He has absolutely no idea who he is That is until shy and awkward Kia meets Arii She has come to Kia's world the human world to seduce him to the come home with her He doesn't want to leave so Arii returns to her world The next day after receiving a text from Arii Kia gets kidnapped and brought to the wolf worldWhat I really enjoyed about this story is that it's different than most wolf stories The two worlds are kept separate The wolves typically kill humans but there was none of that in Wolfsong There is very little violence and it makes a great read for any reader

  10. Darlene Darlene says:

    If I am writing this then I must be finished with the book That makes me sad This was one of those books that I wished would go on and on I loved itI don't read many books about werewolves But I am glad I read this one This was a complimentary copy from BookRooster dot com I am so glad I asked to give it a try There is romance and adventure yet real life of home and family Kodilynn Calhoun combined it all and came up with a plausible story A story that makes you feel good even in the worst parts The characters were believable and likable Even the bad guys seemed to have good reasons for their bad behaviorsI hope everyone gets a chance to read this Since it is from BookRooster I can't loan it But I would love to buy it and share it

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