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Magic Gifts I love Kate I love Curran I love Kate Curran They should make fuzzy necromatic shifter babies I’d totally babysit those adorable little psychos And I wouldn’t even check out Curran’s ass blatant lie is blatant HmmmI wonder if Saiman is seeing anyone Don’t tell me you haven’t been tempted He’s like the long lost older brother of The Wonder Twins Form of Alex Pettyferview spoiler hide spoiler Curran and Kate have many difficulties every time they try to go out for a date It seems that troubles are following them everywhere In their last attempt of a date a necklace will strangle a young woman one of the necromancers and her brother may be the next victim The little boy will be taken care of by the Pack Kate will do anything in her powers to remove the necklace from around his throat She will visit the People the necromancers at the Casino the Neo Vikings at the Norse Heritage Immokalee a Cherokee medicine woman the Hakon who eats everyone who visits him and Ivar the dverg Ghaster and his vampires will helpAt the same time important things happen that the fans of the series need to be aware of in order to understand the development of the story in the next books Guild will need to have a new leader since Solomon died and Andrea is meeting Raphael again The members of the Guild seem happy and the new arrangement may work Andrea on the other hand is not happy at all In “Gunmetal Magic” the two were hyenas need to sort out their relationship and their feelings for each otherOnce again I am so impressed with the number and the variety of mythical creatures that can fit in a single adventureThis is a must read book for the series’ fans RTC to come as part of the KATE DANIELS reread to make all other rereads look puny and ineffectualMy other reviews for this series A uestionable Client Kate Daniels #05 Magic Bites Kate Daniels #1 Magic Burns Kate Daniels #2 Magic Strikes Kate Daniels #3 Magic Mourns Kate Daniels #35 Magic Bleeds Kate Daniels #4 Magic Dreams Kate Daniels #45 Magic Slays Kate Daniels #5 Magic Tests Kate Daniels #53 Gunmetal Magic Kate Daniels #55 Retribution Clause Kate Daniels #56 An Ill Advised Rescue Kate Daniels #58 Magic Rises Kate Daniels #6 Magic Steals Kate Daniels #65 Magic Breaks Kate Daniels #7 Magic Shifts Kate Daniels #8 Magic Stars Kate Daniels #85 Grey Wolf #1 Magic Binds Kate Daniels #9 Iron and Magic Kate Daniels #95 Magic Triumphs Kate Daniels #10 Curran POV Collection Buddy read with Armina Eilonwy Asya and Monty CupcakeKate and Curran decided to have a uiet and peaceful dinner after a hard day involving Kate's kicking butt of yet another trouble making monster and Curran's efforts to hold his ragtag Pack together There are a couple of vampires outside of the restaurant they go and their navigators are inside Sometime in the middle of the dinner things go TERRIBLY WRONG with the navigators and now a child's life is in danger unless Kate and Curran can figure out what ails himThis is hands down the funniest story from the series It does have some serious tones and themes but at some places it is laugh out loud funny I am sure people around me were sure I am not exactly right in my head because I laughed for no apparent reason I actually had one I was reading the scene with Kate and her sidekicks visiting Vikings This one scene was enough for me to decide on the novella's ratingThis is the first Kate Daniels story which fully deserves 5 stars It has everything humor morals new monsters the kind that even Kate backed by the Pack's heavy hitters did not want to fight; the reading time well spent Does anybody want to organize a Viking club? I would be among the first to join This review is a copypaste of my LeafMarks one Dinner date after a hard workday should be heavenly Of course dates between the Beast Lord and Kate Daniels don’t always go as planned Undead run amok heads are chopped off lawyers are deployed with extreme prejudice and drunk vikings call people outNovella is after Magic Slays same time as Andrea in Gunmetal Magic both intersectNote This novella can be found at the end of the Kindle edition of Gunmetal Magic I dont give novellas 5 stars because it's not a complete story BUT this is Kate Daniels and the Andrews clan can't go wrong This novella is my favorite so far It features many cool stuff I think reading novellas in this series is very important because they add a lot to the story We are constantly reminded of the books events but not the novellas I just love Kate and Curran They're the ultimate OTP I had so much fun reading this Magic Gifts offered lots of badassery scenes From fights to unavoidable speeches Kate's entrance to the guild was EPIC to even Vikings We also get to hear Ghastek admit being wrongOverall this novella was pure perfection Can't wait to read the rest of the series please dont dissapoint me 1st read August 2013 4 stars2nd read June 20153rd read July 2016 increased to 5 stars4th read February 20185th read July 20186th read July 2019Original ReviewMagic Gifts is a novella included at the back of Andrea's book Gunmetal Magic This story stars Kate and Curran and the timeline coincides with the first half of Gunmetal Magic but I would actually recommend reading the novella before the full length book Anyone who has read any of my previous reviews will know how much I adore Kate and Curran so of course I jump at the chance of reading any story containing them and Magic Gifts was a fabulous oneThings never seem to go smoothly for our favourite couple they hardly ever get any peace and uite to spend time together so it won't surprise you to hear that their latest attempt at a date is no exception Before they've even had a chance to start eating one of the People is dead and vampires are running amok They work together to get things under control but the next thing they know a seven year old boy is wearing the magical necklace that just killed his sister and is now slowly taking his life too Kate and Curran can't allow a child to die but they're going to have to battle their worst enemy yet to find a way to help himThis novella has everything I love about the series the fabulous relationship between Kate and Curran witty banter great side characters a fast paced and well thought out plot and some fantastic fight scenes Fans of the series are going to love this one2nd ReadI can’t reread this series without including all the little short stories and novellas I just love spending time in this world3rd ReadSo it looks like I'm increasing my ratings for most of these books the ones that weren't already 5 stars anyway on this reread I just fall and in love with this world and these characters every time I revisit it and this story was brilliantWe have some really sweet and humorous moments when Kate and Curran attempt to go out on a date like a normal couple and then there is plenty of arse kicking when they're trying to save the life of a young boy in danger Oh and we have vikings too 5 IA Addiction StarsYou would think that going on a dinner date is easy but when you are Kate Daniels and the Beast Lord of Atlanta and your first middle and last name are Trouble a dinner can turn into a deadly affair Before you know it you have a dead navigator 2 dead vampires a kid with a life sucking necklace around his neck crazy drunk vikings and worse of all politics to deal with Who said dating is an easy affair? “I'm sorry about the dinnerBest date ever Well until people died and vampires showed up But before that it was awesome” What can I say about Kate and Curran? The story is as awesome as they always are The Vikings angle was hilarious and I love every scene with Ghastek You would think I wouldn't like the conceited idiot but somehow he has wormed his way in my heart with his ridiculous formalities and I love how he always strikes Kate where it hurts not with the raw violence that she is used to but with law and politics Some people had attack dogs Ghastek had attack lawyers A great story with all the crazy and action KD has addicted us to “Don't worry he's coming with me to investigate thingsIn the city? Jim askedYesThat's a great idea You both should go To the cityCurran and I looked at each otherHe's trying to get rid of us I saidYou think he's planning a coup? Curran wonderedI hope so I turned to Jim Is there any chance you'd overthrow the tyrannical Beast Lord and his psychotic Consort?Yeah I want a vacation Curran saidJim leaned toward us and said in a lowered voice You couldn't pay me enough This is your mess you deal with it I have enough on my plateHe walked awayToo bad Curran saidI don't know I think we could convince him to seize the reins of powerCurran shook his head Nahh He's too smart for that” August 2016 re read This is such a fun story Serious but so much fun at the same time Humor floods every page and makes me love these characters even Ghastek especially gets a lot of time and I love getting to know him bit by bitOctober 2015 re read For being a novella length story about Kate Ilona Andrews sure did pack a lot of awesomeness into this book I was highlighting all over the place I laughed out loud on almost every page It was so much fun with a good dose of excitement thrown in along the way Original reviewWhat a great story I really loved this Ilona Andrews really could have made money on this novella but they gave it away for free on their website for a few weeksNow I'm even excited for the other part of the story Andrea's part coming out in Gunmetal Magic Loving my re reading spreeThere is something about this series that just makes me smile I maybe don’t laugh out loud a lot during them but I definitely smile most of the way through This was a fun side story involving Kate and Curran working together to solve a few problems involving a life sucking necklace vampires run amuck guild wars Drunken Vikings and trying to have a normal night out I love these two together working as a team their dialog with each other is so fun and Illona and Andrews stole my heart when they made a trekkie reference Curran decided to go as what he referred to as a “redshirt” Apparently it was the term for some sort of disposable attendant from some old TV show As always the story was fun and imaginative It seemed to run concurrently with Gunmetal Magic since there was a scene with Andrea and my favorite hooligan “Where is the bane of my existence?In the shower freshening upDamn it all to hell Oh God who did Ascanio screw now?No no he's covered in bloodOh good Wait a minute The kid is covered in blood and we're relieved There is something wrong with us” Kate’s witty banter and cute names for his furriness always give me a grin It was a great filler for in between books as I love the Magic world that has been created This is for anyone who just can’t get enough of the Magic world

About the Author: Ilona Andrews

Ilona Andrews is the pseudonym for a husband and wife writing team Ilona is a native born Russian and Gordon is a former communications sergeant in the US Army Contrary to popular belief Gordon was never an intelligence officer with a license to kill and Ilona was never the mysterious Russian spy who seduced him They met in college in English Composition 101 where Ilona got a better grade

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