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Who's in a Family? Family is important but who's in a family Why the people who love you the mostThis eual opportunity open minded picture book has no preconceptions about what makes a family a family There's even eual time given to some of children's favorite animal families With warm and inviting jewel tone illustrations this is a great book for that long talk with a little person on your lap

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  1. Ali Ali says:

    I loved this family book This is an informative book and I like that it isn't a story that isn't representing how children sometimes feel upset about their different families It strictly shows all kinds of families and how all types do family things It even includes a few scenarios with animals I think children will find that interesting It really gets the point across that a family can be made up of any shape size color or amount of people as long as their is love It still leaves room for the reader to raise uestions I think this is a great way for parents teachers to spark interest in this topic It is appropriate for children to understand and has a clear point There is not a problem and resolution because it is informational but outside of the story a child may be able to better understand and resolve any confusion about why his family looks different than another kid's family The characters are realistic beautiful illustrations Even the animal families are realistic The pictures make sense and show a clear message on each page about a new version of a family This book represent a variety of cultural groups and I did not see any stereotypes Great children's book

  2. Ben Truong Ben Truong says:

    Who's in a Family? is a children's picture book written by Robert Skutch and illustrated by Laura Nienhaus which focus on the definition of family and what constitutes a family This book explores a myriad of families and each being valid in every meaning of the definitionSkutch's text is simplistic and flowed rather well and the text was easy to follow Nienhaus's art is simply wonderful and brought to life the different types of family depicted in this book The illustrations are detailed and very colorful which keeps the young reader captivated and compliments the textThe myriad of families depicted is the so called traditional heterosexual parents gay and lesbian parents single parents families with one many or no children blended families mixed race families multi generational families and animal families Yet despite the many difference between all of these families depicted the answer to the title of the book remains the same the people who loves you is a part of your familyAll in all Who's in a Family? is a wonderful children's book defining and depicting the meaning of family It shows their target audience – the kids that even though every family may look different one thing remains true they love each other

  3. Adassa Delgado Adassa Delgado says:

    5 out of 5 I loved this book Something that stood out to me was that the story begins with our general looking families but then it slowly brings in that other families can and will be different than your own The drawing were very bright and happy The book gave of an accepting non judge mental feel The author and illustrator did a great job at giving the readers someone to relate too and if they weren't relatable they emphasize that all families are different and give you the opportunity to put pictures of your family in the back of the book This book captures the real idea of family and exposes it to children We learn about how every family is different and that each member of the family is different from each other I am really glad they involve families with same gender parents kids being raised by their grandparents or most importantly single parents There is nothing about this book that I would change I love the story of it and the lesson they want the readers to learn It is important for students to accept each other no matter where they come from and this was a great topic to teach about I especially enjoyed how they left a blank page for the reader to put their own pictures Great book

  4. Jomal Childers Jomal Childers says:

    Who’s in my family does a wonderful job showing diversity in family It is an interesting read and allows young readers to connect with the reading by offering a diverse group of characters from different cultures racial backgrounds gender and sexual orientation The illustrations add to the story and are accurate in relation to the text and setting I believe this book is an age appropriate read and children can easily understand the text The book also offer the reader knowledge about the family structure of different animals as well Some would think that the book uses animals to talk about families however I think it counter balances the animal illustration with a plethora of real life scenarios The book is very informative and educational and I think it’s a great way to help children gain perspective be able to see themselves as well as connect with the world around them

  5. Cristal Trujillo Cristal Trujillo says:

    The illustrations of various types of families drew me to pick this book I enjoy books that highlight diversity In the beginning a girl is asking about how families are not just one thing That some families have a mom and dad with many children or a mom and dad with only one child There can also be families with only one parent just a mom or a dad not both Families can also have two moms or two dads with children or no children All families do not look the same but they all have people that love you and you love too This book sends a positive message about all of the different types of families that there are in the world This book can help inform students on all the different types of families that may differ from theirs and help foster acceptance for differences they may have with other students

  6. Ana Pedraza Ana Pedraza says:

    I thought this book was great It showed many different types of families The families were from all different cultures and backgrounds There was even families in which the pets were included The story also uses animals in order to show certain types of families I think this book would be a great way to spark the interest of young minds The book itself is vibrant of color which will for sure keep the attention of a child The illustrations enhance the story because it lets the student know what that family my look like The book also shows the families partaking in different activities together I feel that this book may help children realize that not every family is the same and that is okay

  7. Katherine Pak Katherine Pak says:

    The story is interesting to children is age appropriate and children can understand what is represented it utilizes style and language that are appropriate for the children's ages and interestsThe illustrations are accurate in terms of setting plot and characters correspond to the textThe children are exposed to multiple perspectives and values no negative stereotypes that they mention the lifestyles of the characters aren't complexThis book doesnt really discuss singly parent families however it does talk about family and the meaning of family It also discusses what is family and what makes a family

  8. Melissa Melissa says:

    This book answers the complex uestion Who's in a Family? The answer the people who love you This book depicts families with one parent families with step parents families with gaylesbian parents children being raised by grandparents and families with a mom and dad This is a great resource for talking to children about the diverse families in our world and how all of them are eually good as long as there is loveInstructional suggestions diversity theme familyGenres nonfiction informational

  9. McCall DiLorenzo McCall DiLorenzo says:

    This book is a wonderful way to teach kids about the diverse ways a family can be designed The author uses animals as a disarming and familiar way for kids to understand how a different family situation is just as normal as a traditional “nuclear family” The illustrations are colorful and allow the opportunity to comfortably discuss the sensitive topic of diversity with an open mind The hard cover and glossy pages make this the perfect classroom reading corner book for students to enjoy for many years

  10. Deserae Duran Deserae Duran says:

    This book is a great way to teach children about some different families around the world Some children may have uestions about what they see but too afraid to ask this answers their uestions This book uses very simple language that is easy for a small child to read The illustrations cooperate with the writing perfectly and they really allow to take a look into each family

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