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Making Good Although it’s marginally useful to get a sense of what leaders from the heart of liberal social change and woo woo thoughts and prayers land are thinking it’s also just maddening to see what gets a rubber stamp for analysis and advice on how to do movement building“Banding together with fellow Rebuilders working in banks on farms in tech start ups and everywhere in between the movement is transforming the global economy from the bottom up and ensuring that opportunities for good work are the easiest and most accessible for all It offers inspirational advice and gives you the guts to jump off the deep end and try a new venture It read really uickly so I think I need a second time to absorb Not sure how the six steps really mesh together This book is fantastic Totally encouraging for the growing numbers of do gooders and people wanting to work to benefit than just themselves trying to figure out how to do that in the real working world The stories of what other people are doing and the introspective exercises are energizing The overall sense of encouragement the book gives—that you're not alone and you can do it—is probably the most valuable part It's hard feeling like you need to be a good positive influence on the world around you instead of just resigning to do things like everyone else and only look out for yourself You feel in your soul that it's right and necessary and people need to think that way but it's easy to feel alone or that you might just be wrong This book is really good support just like encouragement from friends family and groups of like minded people to let you know you're onto something you're fine and you can keep goingThanks Dev and Billy for a great book and so many reassuring voices This book is fantastic for all those who want to make change and make a living No matter where you are on that journey even if you've been making good for years this book has practical tools inspiring examples and really tangible suggestions for how to make good I received an ARC of this book through Goodreads First Reads2 starsOk I've given it a shot and well over a month after starting this book I simply cannot finish it I've picked it up about three times in the past couple weeks and have progressed maybe 3 paragraphs I've accepted the fact that I will not finish reading this book having made it halfway throughChapter 4 is really what killed it for me specifically the How Will You Make Money? section which is really like How will you save money? They suggest that you not take out loans for school probably too late for that advice for at least half your readers and give what amounts to an adolescent level lesson in budgeting I'm well aware of where I can cut corners and those corners are lookin' pretty round already The whole make sure you aren't spending tons of money on useless monthly services lecture was frankly stupid Maybe worthwhile advice if you actually have enough money to not be aware of how much is going down the drain on stupid things in which case I guess you don't have much to worry about Couch surfing is presented as an option for saving money ? along with other things that will really only work if you are already engaged in a certain lifestyle or willing to drop everything That said I thought that the whole conscious relationship with money thing was good and liked the ideas they picked from The Soul of Money added to my to read listI thought many of the ideas in this book were inspiring although it seems to be geared toward business minded peopleentrepreneurs the authors are specifically engaged in clean energy initiatives so there is a lot of info related to that The authors clearly have connections with some very successful young people and relate their stories throughout You'll either feel inspired by their stories or totally intimidated I felt a little of both I mean I don't think I'm doing too bad but damn There is also a lot about just being open to experiences willing to engage with new people and having the guts to introduce yourself to those who are already in the business Leave the door open for collaboration look for opportunities to provide productsservices that are unavailable but desirable be environmentally conscious and forward thinking etc Maybe I'm getting old AHHH but I felt like this was the kind of book I would've should've? read my freshman year of collegeAt the end of each chapter there are Daily Practice activities which I found really interesting I will probably try to do all of those even though I'm not going to finish reading the bookFor the right kind of person with the right kind of interests I'm sure this book is incredibly helpful and inspiring I found some inspiration here but I'm not sure how helpful I found it seeing as a lot of the info just reminded me of career prepnetworking advice that was drilled into my head all through collegeI should probably add that the website has some really great content which I'm sure will be updated freuently as the book's launch goes into full swing Worth checking out Many young people coming of age today face a confounding puzzle with pieces that at first glance do not seem all that easy to fit together for a picture of a clear and hopeful future On the one hand we belong to “the most progressive generation in American history” and exhibit record levels of commitment to positive social change Yet on the other hand we are the generation currently experiencing the highest unemployment rate in America Even among those who do have jobs many are making less than did those who were our age thirty years ago 25 34 year old men today make 10% less today than did those of that age group in 1980 Meanwhile to pursue our dreams we have had to accrue obscene levels of debt especially of the educational and predatory credit card varieties because costs of living have outpaced inflation average college tuition for instance has than tripled since 1980 A particularly confounding part of this puzzle lies in the fact that work that advances the social good is freuently pursued and accomplished through sectors non profit public or social enterprise that are often even less stable and lower paying than their traditional private counterpart which itself is not all that secure at the moment Given all of this many of us wonder how can we pursue and achieve our deeply held pro social goals while still attaining some semblance of personal economic security? Making this puzzle seem solvable is what motivated Billy Parish and Dev Aujla to co author their incredibly timely illuminating and useful book Making Good Finding Meaning Money and Community in a Changing World February 28th 2012 Rodale Now if you are dubious about the title let me say up front that initially I found the emphasis the book places on “making money and changing the world” to be not only a bit backwards but possibly willfully optimistic After all how many people create real positive change in the world from the primary starting point of wanting to make money? And conventional wisdom would have it that in an economy like this having your cake and eating it too or doing good while making good – is even of an illusory dream now than it was before the recession hit So if you read the title and fear that buying it will leave you with little but well worn platitudes and that the only ones “making good” will be its authors I understand your skepticism But how so thankfully wrong you would be First off the authors are deeply credible messengers who intimately know the topics about which they write especially that of having a commitment to doing good I was a colleague of Billy’s in the youth climate movement over four years much of that time co chairing the Energy Action Coalition while Billy was the coordinator of the coalition We collaborated in developing the Campus Climate Challenge campaign and in designing the first Powershift conference in 2007 among other efforts From those experiences and I know Billy to be an incredibly committed authentic and motivated individual He takes risks and makes leaps when others are stuck doing research or complaining He is passionate and serious about life and work in the best of ways Most of all he knows how to bring people together in ways that increase their power to create real change and he has been a leader who has delivered impressive results in nearly every effort he has ever been involved in While I do not know Dev as personally his professional convictions and achievements are consistent with Billy’s Notwithstanding the authors’ successes they refreshingly explore the timely and timeless uestions they pose What is the right path for me? How can I find or create it? from within their own minds and hearts rather than from above as detached “experts” as other authors might do By this we come to understand their own struggles and vulnerability and thus their deep sincerity As readers then we also come to open up and trust them to help guide us on our own personal journey of reflection and envisioning This deep contrast between Making Good and its authors versus many other either unualified or insincere guides out there you’ve seen them in bookstores and on TV who instead signpost the way forward for you and your career with hackneyed naïve or outdated advice is hugely welcome and reassuring To ualify my praise a bit let me say before getting too far along that Making Good does have moments where the default style of the self help genre ie simplistic that their book is positioned in versus the authors’ complex and nuanced experience and beliefs are forced into if not tension a delicate balance At one point the authors seem to come close to elevating the goal of making money too highly “We want to make money to have the things that our televisions promise will deliver happiness with a money back guarantee but we don’t want to sell out We want to feel resilient through recessions and upswings we want financial security in the face of record personal debt to consume and indulge according to our moods in a time when we are reaching peak levels of resource availability” but it is shortly followed by a section on simplifying your life in ways that remind me of the wise uaker saying “A simple life freely chosen is a source of strength” There are also a few instances that remind us this is a trade book and its authors are not overly concerned with academic convention when for instance they write “overall global demand for culture is stronger than ever Aesthetics stories music reflection imagination that brilliantly transforms the facts of our reality—our desire for these things has never been greater” they present this generalization without any sources and later when they write “Study after study shows that preventive care is the most cost efficient kind of health intervention” they do not cite even one of those studies but these instances too are relatively few and far between and on the whole the book is exhaustively researched and well sourced Lastly it should be said that the book seems less aimed at an entire generation – as its promotional language claims and at a self selecting group of self starters and high achievers within what their publisher calls the “Facebook generation” But that is only natural and the authors themselves don’t really claim otherwise All of that said these are all minimal issues and little than unimportant distractions from the main focus and immense value of this book Making Good manages to combine lofty inspiration with hard nosed motivation for a powerful outcome On the one hand the book is infused with an infectious can do no excuses let’s go attitude with uplifting lines such as “The world needs your best self You need your best self right now Let’s get started”And“Sketches around the world are waiting in the margins of notebooks ready for their star moment”Out of context those lines may ring a bit hollow But on the other hand within the frameworks the authors provide their words develop real content and meaning Specifically on the macro level their chapter outline follows six well organized steps Reflect Adapt Connect Design Launch Organize and on the micro level they identify and dig into the “four major paths Rebuilders are taking Entrepreneur Job Seeker Intrapreneur and Freelancer” Taken as a whole this results in perhaps the greatest gift the book offers assisting in a powerful mental shift away from thinking about one’s path in the context of “what’s available” picking from a set list of options to “what do I want to do and how can I make that happen” potentially making something new and then providing effective next steps towards doing just that Their overall approach of not only seeing opportunity in crisis but of offering very helpful ideas practices and resources to pursue those opportunities helps you feel not only awake and alive but also empowered and ready to move forward with tangible actions The book’s positive inspirational tone is also thankfully balanced not only by some deep wisdom one example “Inner knowing is about a smaller uiet voice than just your initial gut reactions Often we bury our true understanding in rationalizations secondary points of view the pros and cons and over analysis We actually know the answers to the uestions we struggle with All too often we either fail to consult our inner understanding or we disregard it because we feel like we don’t have a choice” and some flashes of humor I particularly like the story that ends with Billy being told by a doctor to wash his hair but also by some real straight talk To give a taste the authors write “But first a caution This book is not a uick fix Today there is a cultural promise that is echoed everywhere Anything is possible if you believe or if you buy The promise comes packaged in trendy books or aspirational shows on TV It’s the American dream refreshed for today’s audience But there are cracks in this cultural promise Real change— for your life and for the world—doesn’t happen in the form of a 20 minute episode or in the 10 minutes of commercials on most cable shows A generation swept up into a movement built on Hope ran headlong into the overwhelming complexity of making Change How can we build a clean tech company that competes with Big Oil’s billions in annual subsidies by “just doing it”? How can you start a business while trying to manage 60000 or 100000 in student loans?”And “For every inspiring story we could tell you about someone overcoming oppression and a lack of opportunity there are 10 stories of people who didn’t make it through couldn’t launch the project they dreamed up”To give you a better chance of ending up on the desirable side of that statistic the authors take a comprehensive approach that is in the end what makes this book so uniue and valuable Specifically Making Good seamlessly weaves together 1 raw honest heartfelt storytelling from the authors own lives; 2 inspiring and eclectic stories of those they term “Rebuilders” who are also finding innovative ways to do good and make money; 3 practical and very helpful exercises for finding your own way in that direction developed throughout the career of the amazing leadership coach Robert Gass and included in the book with his permission; and 4 incredibly well researched and diverse lists of resources to engage in this process beyond the book I read Making Good soon after finishing another book that deals with similar topics– Parker Palmer’s Let Your Life Speak – and found each to be even useful when read in combination with the other Palmer’s book reads in a personal deeply philosophical and spiritual way while Making Good is diverse comprehensive and practical Together they offer a powerful and dynamic combination of books for reflecting on your life as it is and as you want it to be and for beginning to identify the missing pieces that can piece that puzzle together What Color Is Your Parachute for the Facebook generationAs we emerge from the recession a generation is searching for practical ways to succeed financially while also making positive changes in the world From energy to food to education Making Good outlines how to do this These opportunities are not just for entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies Making Good outlines step by step how anyone can achieve financial autonomy capitalize on global changes to infrastructure and learn from everyday success stories—providing the skills and insight this generation needs to succeedCharismatic young and passionate Dev Aujla and Billy Parish have been recognized in media outlets such as The Globe and Mail Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone as voices of their generation They are at the vanguard of figuring out how the next generation will rethink reimagine and rebuild the world Making Good culls the knowledge and practical advice that has allowed Aujla and Parish to build thriving meaningful careers This is exactly the book I needed at this moment in my life and I would recommend it to every one of my peers who wants to make a positive difference with their life's work yet isn't sure how to do thatThe argument is that it is possible to do good and make a good living doing it This book addresses our fears and worries about following a nonlinear career path abundant opportunities for rebuilding and transforming industries key uestions to reflect upon identifying skills to learn different models for supporting oneself by doing good and much The two chapters which resonated the most with me were Stepping Up and Reflect The Stepping Up chapter is about understanding a life path that doesn't always impart a consistent job title where meaning can become a method to achieve financial stability where our instinctive emotional response to the injustices in our world lays the foundation for a long term career We build this path ourselves our purpose evolving as we go and we are carried through by our consistent commitment to doing good The Reflect chapter is about digging in deeply to assumptions and habits to what doing good means to us and to how we want to spend our time directing the energy in our life to what we really want to accomplish While other chapters contained valuable insights as well those two were the most meaningful to me at my current positionThe book isn't perfect The organization is a bit scattered mixing first person accounts from the authors with third person elsewhere and different practices and exercises sometimes seem placed haphazardly However it's good all the way through and there are moments when it really shines Making Good doesn't give you all the answers it doesn't tell you what you should do that's what our own uesting for insights introspection and further learning must do However by introducing valuable ideas and asking the right uestions to give me a push in a positive generative direction I really do think this book has changed my life I feel like I have a framework and some ideas to start with now If Finding meaning money and community in a changing world resonates with you read Making GoodFor further concrete direction based in the ideas of this book I highly recommend the site which the authors created afterwards While this book primarily targets recent college grads it can serve as a primer for do gooders of all ages All that's reuired to make the most of this practical guide is a big heart and eually big vision for changing the way we work Are you worried about your financial future? Don't Making Good will inspire you to create work that is meaningful as well as rewardingThese choice uotes speak volumesIf you choose to be a change maker most of the time it will feel like you are up against the world That is because you are on the leading edge of a new generation If you have a great idea or even a little seed of one inside you you are trying to plant it in the asphalt to grow Van Jones in the IntroductionIt is not enough to be busy So are the ants The uestion is What are we busy about? Henry David ThoreauWe have two ears and one mouth so we can listen twice as much as we speak EpictetusBonus each chapter closes with a list of super books and other useful resources I really connected to everything discussed in this book I'm a late 20 something who wants to do something meaningful but has only run into roadblocks and frustration I loved the uote on p39 Your vocation is where your greatest passion meets the world's greatest need The reader really embarks on a journey of self exploration in these pages and this is a good read for any aspiring social entrepreneur It's also a great reference and one that I personally will refer back to again

  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Making Good
  • Dev Aujla
  • English
  • 07 September 2015
  • 9780143186069