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People Will Talk Scientific with a lot of studies I should have just flipped through it at the bookstore How to get a good reputation—deserved or not—and why we care what other people thinkWhy does a fish only bite another fish if no one else is watching Why do people overshare online Why do some people meet trivial insults with extreme violence Why do so many gods have multiple eyes In People Will Talk science writer John Whitfield shows how reputation helps answer all of these uestions and What is the secret to getting get a good reputation Unfortunately there's to reputation than being a good person or being good at what you do Your reputation belongs to other people and it's created by what they say about you behind your back You have a good reputation only if you have a strong social network—a large and close knit network of friends family and allies—to spread good news about you and shout down ugly rumors If you’ve ever wondered why we care about the lives of celebrities why young men publicly upload to the Internet pictures of themselves engaged in drunken or dangerous antics how to make the “honor system” a little widely honored how to keep politicians honest or what keeps gossip going reputation will give you a clueAlmost from the moment we are born we are trying to work out whom we can trust and trying to make others think the best of usWe carry on doing so throughout life even when we don't realize it every time we meet another person in business friendship or romance; every time we read celebrity gossip; and every time we tweak our Facebook profilesWhether you’re buying a car or selling one looking for a job or hiring asking someone out on a date or deciding whether to accept the invitation reputation mattersRead People Will Talk and discover how to polish your own reputation understand what you hear about others and make the most of both Thia book is difficult if you have an aversion to studies about human behavior in psychology experiments Nonetheless there are some very interesting insights about how powerful reputation is in shaping our behavior how early in life this starts at 10 months babies will reward others kindness and even how reputation influences international confrontations It's a hard slog but overall it's worth the effort The realm of psychology with supporting of scientific research and findings It dwells you into what does reputation really means At page 4 which stated “our willingness to trust strangers and to be trustworthy is one of the most amazing and powerful things in the history of life and one of the hardest to explain”I find it convenient to open up myself to strangers that i met while travelling than to those in my surroundings this maybe due that the strangers does not know who i am what i do for living and i may not see the person again for the entirety of my life This is what came in my mind while reading the paragraph at page 4The example of blood donation at page 36 make you wonders on how human behave The blood donation will benefit the society at large and it did not cost you anything albeit a temporary pain yet still people do not do it This attract the uestion whyA reputation are intangible that you cannot be measured it upon it derived from a person’s behaviour character and how the individual interact in hisher life on a daily basis If you put too much thought on your reputation i personally believed you indeed succumbed to the forces of others as people will talk irregardless whether you do good or bad things It’s important not put much weigh on it Interesting and readable overview of the scientific study of reputation While I didn't find every study mentioned convincing I did find a lot of material for thought especially in terms of how I think about other people and why