Baby and Child Vegetarian Recipes Over 150 Healthy and

Baby and Child Vegetarian Recipes Over 150 Healthy and Delicious Dishes for Your Young Family Many vegetarian parents are anxious to feed their children a meat free diet right from the start but worry that a vegetarian diet may not offer the euivalent range of nutrients Baby Child Vegetarian Recipes allays those fears totally clearly demonstrating that for both children and adults a vegetarian diet is indisputably a healthier optionArranged for easy reference in four sections covering the major milestones in dietary development each section offers general nutritional guidelines lists of foods to introduce and avoid and includes a host of practical hints tips and advice Suggested weekly menu planners for each age group enable parents to tailor time and supermarket runs to provide the best possible diet for their child with the minimum of fuss and effortPacked with over 150 uick and easy tried and tested veggie recipes and fully endorsed by The Vegetarian Society Baby Child Vegetarian Recipes offers parents a blue print for a healthy varied diet that will engender a lifetime enjoyment of good healthy and wholesome food

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