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  • Hardcover
  • 483 pages
  • Spy Alexander Hawke #4
  • Ted Bell
  • English
  • 06 May 2015
  • 9780743277235

10 thoughts on “Spy Alexander Hawke #4

  1. TXGAL1 TXGAL1 says:

    SPYAlex Hawke #4 by Ted Bell is the first book by this author that I have read It certainly made no difference that I had not read the previous thee in the series It stood well upon its own meritsSPY is a great thriller moving at a heart racing pace between Royal Commander Alexander Hawke and alternately Sheriff Franklin Dixon of Prairie Texas trying to bring down an evil force bent on the destruction of AmericaSome might say that this book is steered towards the male reader I’d like to think that everyone enjoys a good read no matter the subject I learned a lot and would enjoy reading the first book in this seriesThis was a uick free ebook that I read on Glose

  2. Tim Tim says:

    This story is a good example of extremely poor editing It is much too long and detrimental to the overall enjoyment of the novel The ending is much better than the rest of the story but it takes too long to get there 3 of 10 starsMy original review was based on the abridged version I listened to the unabridged version and although there are many various story lines they don't necessarily all come together at the end because there are too many divergent ones Still the story should have been better edited and tighter 6 of 10 stars

  3. Paul Paul says:

    Actual rating 05 starsA very dear friend super smart a voracious reader who is a member of 's book reviewing staff told me I should read something by Ted Bell Maybe I picked the wrong novel Or maybe she had a different Ted Bell in mind The Ted Bell I read is just another Clive Cussler and his hero Alex Hawke is even less dimensional than Cussler's Dirk Pitt Several cars speed away in this novel fishtailing as they accelerate And motorcycles boats even airplanes All vehicles must fishtail The plot relies on a familiar racist right wing conceit dirty brown Mexicans are invading our country hoping to reconuer territory lost in the Mexican American War That notion is repeated almost verbatim by different characters at least 20 times There's an abundance of military techno babble as well all of it firmly in the realm of fantasy Clearly Ted Bell is unfamiliar with the realities of warfare where things don't ever work as advertised Nasty stuff Sloppily written nasty stuff

  4. Walter Walter says:

    There’s a blurb on the front of Ted Bell’s Spy from James Patterson “Ted Bell” exclaims the blurb “can really really write”And Ted Bell can really really write What Ted Bell needs is an editor who can really really editThe plot is simple enough Bell’s protagonist Alexander Hawke is a prisoner of a deranged Arab terrorist in a jungle hideout in the The terrorist is planning a big attack against the United States Hawke escapes makes it back to the UK and warns the Powers That Be of the madman in the jungle Hawke then goes back to the and saves the day Simple and excitingExceptSpy clocks in at 699 pages And that is probably about 300 pages too long There are too many moving pieces that do not advance the story and seem to wander off on their own It takes too dang long to get the story movingEl Leonard famously advised writers to omit the parts of a story that a reader doesn’t care about and will skip Spy does not follow this sage advice A good chunk of the novel has Hawk going from one meal to another as we deal with plot exposition Hawke’s relationship with the US Secretary of State Consuelo de los Reyes has hit the rocks and there are chapters devoted the characters’ pining for one another None of it is remotely related to the storyThere is a character in the novel whose only apparent purpose is to have sex with HawkeAnd there are the subplotsWe have a subplot involving Mexican machinations on the USMexico border that gives us a Texas sheriff and his deputy investigating not only ghost trucks but also a white slavery ring and negotiating with a Mexican narco terrorist gang Most of this subplot has zero to do with the overall story and should have been jettisonedThere is Harry Brock CIA and a meandering subplot that has him picking up pieces of intel about the madman in the jungle that feels like fillerThere is the laughable subplot of the terrorist attack being written in code based on the novel the Da Vinci Code that no one in the NSA CIA or MI 6 can figure out Only Hawke’s pal Ambrose Cosgreve can solve itStokely Jones has an entire chapter devoted to buying a car His subplot involving finding a crashed and submerged jet carrying missiles really doesn’t go anywhere It seems to be part of a different story where Venezuela is preparing to invade the USAnd that seems to be the main problem with Spy it is two novels smashed into one book A madman in the jungle preparing to attack the US and a South American plot to destroy America Had Bell picked one of the two stories and ran with it the result probably would have been a better taleProvided he had an editor to keep him on track

  5. Tim VanSant Tim VanSant says:

    Can you say suspension of disbelief? Could terrorists build a network of training camps in the rain forests of South America over several years and remain virtually undetected? OK Super heroes need super villainsWhat really bugged me though was getting little details wrong inconsistent chronology characters playing gin rummy but the description of the hands don't make sense and writing that the Washington bible is used for every inauguration I once failed a history test open book in high school yes I am ashamed but even I know that's not right

  6. Manfred Lee Manfred Lee says:

    Spy is the fourth story of Alexander Hawke written by Ted Bell I really enjoyed this book because I just love to read thrillers and heart suishing plot where as I read I had to focus myself to picture each scenes This book is about Alexander Hawke a MI6 intelligence officer who gets captured by cannibals and is forced to labor in the jungle of He was hired in order to investigate why American girls were taken from their homes security became way strict than before and ranches were burning in the borders of Mexico The cause was in the jungles of Mexico so Hawke had no choice but to go there and find it out himself During his captivity he learns that the tribal people who capture him weren't normal; they were trained warriors who dedicated their lives to take down America Also he learns that South and Central America wants US to meet its end and begone The story gets intense as the chapters are read Ted Bell uses great uses of language to describe each particular scenes with different tones Also he choice of diction fits well to the environment of the plot I highly recommend this book to those who like thrilling and intensified stories

  7. Jeanne Jeanne says:

    Talk about a case for an abridged version of a story There were way too many things going on in this story and a large portion of the story was around a plot that was totally unrelated to the main plot I was surprised with how the story came together and liked how the story ended; however this high point does not make up for the unnecessary plot line and too many moving parts 4 out of 10 stars for me on this 4th installment of the Alexander Hawk series

  8. Marianne Marianne says:

    Hawke is up there with warrior heroes like Mitch Rapp Kirk McGarvey and Jack ReacherTotally unrealistic but great fun Well maybe not totally unrealistic but close

  9. Laurie Stoll Laurie Stoll says:

    Spy is of a guy book The action adventure type I don't mind reading a book like this occasionally My biggest problem with this book was the amount of errorsFor example on page 459 of the hardback edition is the following paragraphHe saw the familiar face of Agent Hecht standing there on the ground with all the other agents every of them looking up at him and shaking their heads all with a big smiles on their faces

  10. Sherry Sherry says:

    The multiple story lines fast moving action technology and tactical descriptions got this book a three star rating However if I rated it on sexist remarks it would have gotten one star Why are women despite their abilities and toughness objectified? I'm struggling to believe that in a life and death situation a man would think about the curvy breasts on his female compatriot Several times this blatant sexism ruined an otherwise exciting book

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Spy Alexander Hawke #4 In this relentlessly paced tale of international suspense intrepid MI 6 intelligence officer Alex Hawke confronts an evil like no other Terror looms as a madman works his dark magic in the heart of the and a nightmare erupts along the Mexican border creating a deadly combination that threatens to bring America to its kneesA border ain't nothing but a law drawn in the sand So says a small town Texas sheriff in Ted Bell's most gripping espionage thriller to date Things along America's southern border are rapidly reaching the boiling point American girls are being snatched from their homes ranches are burning and the number of deadly confrontations along the Mexican border grows daily At night armed Mexican troops cross the border at will in support of narcotics smugglers and illegal immigrants By day Americans take up arms and plan reprisals An all out border war is no longer inconceivable It's happeningOn assignment for the British Secret Service a man leads a mysterious expedition into the heart of darkness Sailing up the furthest reaches of the River he is captured by a brutal tribe of indigenous cannibals Forced into slave labor he witnesses the unimaginable Golden domes and minarets rise beneath the rainforest canopy Vast terror armies are being recruited and trained in the jungle Their goal a vicious jihad that will unite one continentand destroy another They possess weapons only dreamed of by the Western allies Somehow he must escape his captors and live to tell the taleWith tensions on its southern border threatening to ignite into war America must look to the one man who might be able to confront the demons in the jungleand destroy them Alex Hawke with theaid of brilliant Scotland Yard Inspector Ambrose Congreve and an unstoppable force of nature named Stokely Jones begins a river journey fraught with peril He must find a river with no name and a villain like no other He must confront all the terrors that man and nature can hurl at him From black magic poison tipped arrows and blowguns to an awesome arsenal of the most advanced military hardware Hawke must overcome insurmountable odds on his uest for victoryHere is an author who gets you in the palm of his hand and then clenches his fist And here is a saga loaded to the gunwales with action glamour and spellbinding suspense Alex Hawke once again takes readers right to that thin border between fear and overwhelming terror It's merely a line drawn in the sand Cross it at your perilCross it if you dare

About the Author: Ted Bell

Ted Bell formerly Visiting Scholar at Cambridge University and Writer In Residence at Sidney Sussex College Cambridge is a full time writer He is the author of twelve consecutive New York Times Bestsellers His novels include the Lord Alex Hawke series of spy thrillers published by HarperCollins and the Nick McIver Time Travel Adventures published by St Martins His books are international be