Taking Charge of Your Fertility The Definitive Guide to

Taking Charge of Your Fertility The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control Pregnancy Achievement and Reproductive Health Celebrating 10 years of helping hundreds of thousands of women achieve pregnancy avoid pregnancy naturally and gain better control of their health and lives the 10th Anniversary Edition of the classic bestseller will include •New 'Preface to the 10th Anniversary Edition •Updates on new fertility technologies •Natural approaches to conception •Updated Resources and Books For any woman unhappy with her current method of birth control; demoralized by her uest to have a baby; or experiencing confusing symptoms in her cycle this book provides answers to all these uestions plus amazing insights into a woman's body Weschler thoroughly explains the empowering Fertility Awareness Method which in only a couple minutes a day allows a woman to •Enjoy highly effective scientifically proven birth control without chemicals or devices •Maximize her chances of conception or expedite fertility treatment by identifying impediments to conception •Increase the likelihood of choosing the gender of her baby •Gain control of her sexual and gynecological health

  • Paperback
  • 512 pages
  • Taking Charge of Your Fertility The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control Pregnancy Achievement and Reproductive Health
  • Toni Weschler
  • English
  • 19 July 2014
  • 9780060881900

About the Author: Toni Weschler

Toni Weschler is a nationally respected women's health educator and speaker with a master's degree in Public Health She founded Fertility Awareness Counseling and Training Seminars FACTS in 1986 and has lectured at hospitals clinics and universities since 1982 She recently helped develop cycle tracking software as an adjunct to her book Taking Charge of Your Fertility The Ovusoft Fertilit

10 thoughts on “Taking Charge of Your Fertility The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control Pregnancy Achievement and Reproductive Health

  1. Katherine Lewis Katherine Lewis says:

    This ought to be reuired reading for everyone in possession of a uterusIt's totally famous and often recommended However I picked this hefty volume up once in BN and after leafing through several pages of complicated looking charts and completely gross close up pictures of what I didn't even know I nestled it back on the shelf and said to myself Well I'll read that if I ever have any PROBLEMS with my junk 'down there' Fortunately I happened upon it again in a Half Price many months later and the low price convinced me to finally give it a goFirst of all it is NOT as intimidating or scientifically dense as if appears at first flip through The author adopts a very laid back humorous tone and approach to the whole topic making it a friendly read for most anyone Also the length is not uite what it seems; the latter third is optional appendices for special topics and audiences and the main portion of the book is filled with uickly skimmed charts and cartoons Second it is not as many would think just a book for those trying to get knocked up It is about understanding you body your rhythms your internal signs and signals and finally your potential for fertility whether you're in the camp who desires it or resents it it's good to know wherewhenwhat it is Weschler describes a drug free birth control method a common sense conception method troubleshooting for irregular or curious cycle behavior comfort and control for menopause and I feel empowered for having read this but I also felt a tinge of regret that I am only NOW reading this Women deserve a better relationship understanding and view of their bodies than we're granted in the typical sex ed class or gynecological office This information is at once simple accessible and profound

  2. Rita Rita says:

    I really wish they gave out this book instead of pads tampons in 5th grade It's ridiculous that I didn't find out how my body works until now but better late than not at allThe book presents sympto thermal charting in an understandable manner but mainly focuses on trying to get pregnant rather than trying to avoid pregnancy The principles can be used the other way around but this book isn't necessarily a guide for using FAM as birth control and doesn't contain a lot of info regarding transitioning off of hormonal birth control Otherwise very informative with very clear diagrams and pictures Even if you're not trying to avoid pregnancy or get pregnant if you are female or in a relationship with a female this is as close as you get to an owners manual for a uterus

  3. Francesca Francesca says:

    Basically this book is like my second bible I first saw a copy next to my cousin's bed and was fascinated by the title dipped in and then ordered my own copy Toni Weschler is brilliant This book literally changed my life and I really can't rate it highly enough In it Toni explains the sound scientific Fertility Awareness Method which for a matter of a couple of minutes a day can give you an understanding of your body that no biology book or visit to the doctors could possible give you By using the method you canPractise a completely natural and over 99% effective birth control method actually it CAN be higher than this any failure is down to user failure ie non practise of the methodHelp identify any fertility problems BEFORE running to the doctor and getting involved in invasive diagnostics testsKnow whether you ovulated in any given cycle or notKnow the best days to get a smear test and to check for breast lumpsKnow if you're period is going to be late beforehand and without rushing out to get a pregnancy test in panicUnderstand all those signs throughout the month that most women are too afraid to ask other women aboutIdentify when you can get pregnant and when to use protection and even help weigh the odds to malefemale Know that you're pregnant without having to buy a testKeep a check on your own health by identifying any warning signs or abnormalitiesAccurately predict due datesKNOW that your cycle as with those of most women does not usually conform to the 28 day model nor do all women ovulate on day 14 And know that its normalUsed as birth control this method obviously won't suit all but it is worth just knowing what's going on in your bodyRemarkable I can vouch for the reliability of this method WHEN USED correctly

  4. jko jko says:

    though she attempts to demonstrate objectivity she definitely puts her pom poms behind this method of birth control which i think she would like me to point out is not the rhythm methodthis is an essential comprehensive and empowering guide for anyone who wants to understand the gross physiology of being female andor who wants to decrease or increase the potential for becoming pregnant without the inconveniences of pills needles latex medical invasions etc

  5. Ashleigh Ashleigh says:

    Note I am using this book for its BIRTH CONTROL section not its seemingly getting pregnant aura from the cover So that being said this book was AWESOME I have been wanting an effective way to get off of hormonal birth control because I believe it is the last puzzle piece in the search to cure my migraines NOTE THIS IS NOT THE RHYTHM METHOD WHICH IS A HIGHLY INEFFECTIVE FORM OF NATURAL BIRTH CONTROL THIS IS NOT THE RHYTHM METHOD I REPEAT This book is so informative and very easy to read While it may intimidate some because it really does look like a textbook it really isn't that long of a read Especially because if you want to use it for birth control you don't need to read the getting pregnant or pre menopausal sections and vice versa Also a lot of the Appendix sections in the back are merely reference and only apply to certain circumstances This was such a great book and I know I will reference it for over half of my lifetime I am also already thinking of giving his book as a gift to some of my female family members

  6. Jo Jo says:

    I agree with nearly everyone else I know and reviews from strangers in that this book should be reuired reading for women and men regardless of their opinions on sex pregnancy etc And yes I do think men should read it too Reproduction is not exactly a one sided arrangement Truly is a great presentation of a lot of information about your reproductive health from basic cycle patterns potential problems how to identify them understanding the cause effects of it all how to chart successfully whether you're avoiding pregnancy or trying to achieve it If you're into data as much as this self proclaimed data dork is I recommend charting your own cycles using the methods here I've learned a lot about my own health feel much informed able to walk into the doctor's office with a whole lot knowledge

  7. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    just wanted to take a moment to sing this book's praises i consider myself to have had a pretty good sex education but this book taught me just how little i actually learned or i should say how little they actually taught me about the menstrual cycle this book is a fucking must keep by your bed for handy reference if you are any bit the female health nerd that i am you will learn so much about your own cycle it will knock your socks off if you are actually in the midst of trying to avoid pregnancy or get pregnant this book will knock your panties off it is a gem

  8. Jamie Jamie says:

    Well it's pretty obvious what this book is about Personally I think it's a good one and I give the software that comes with it four stars It would be five stars but it is pink and purple and that diminishes it a bitI am an usually rather uiet ish advocate of natural birth control childbirth and so on I really like this book although it is sometimes a bit overwhelming with the vast amount of information Definitely a useful guide for any woman who would like to know a bit or everything about how her body works

  9. Hannah Hannah says:

    I wish I could give two and a half stars because liked it is a little too strong for my mixed emotions about this book Pros great charts and pictures and very user friendly and a wonderful resource for learning about your fertility Cons Fertility awareness seems like a perfectly good method for getting knocked up but not preventing it and I'm hesitant to recommend a book that actually promotes it as a method of birth control Also the non informational writing is really cheesy and apparently targeted towards women with neanderthal husbands?

  10. Christina Christina says:

    I generally reserve 5 for books that change my life This is one of them

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