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Gridlock Ryan Lock #3 Set on the streets of LA a non stop action packed thriller featuring elite body guard Ryan LockAdult movie actress Raven Lane is one of the most lusted after women in California with millions of fans to prove it But none seem to be dedicated in their pursuit of her than the murderous stalker who is carving a demonic swathe across the streets of Los Angeles in an apparent bid to get her attentionFearing for her life and with the LAPD seemingly unable to protect her Raven turns to elite bodyguard Ryan Lock for help But with suspicion settling on Raven herself Lock finds himself drawn into a deadly web of deceit and seductionEvents spiral swiftly out of control as those closest to Lock begin to pay a bloody price for his involvement Soon Lock is bent on revenge As the hunted turns hunter the blood soaked streets of LA are about to get a whole lot bloodier From the Trade Paperback edition That moment when you recognise an actoractress but can't admit itAdult film star Raven Lane has a stalker Not the leave flowers kind of stalker the kind that leaves bodies in the back of your car The police are only mildly interested in catching someone killing people in the adult industry so Raven hires Lock and Ty Ryan Lock reluctantly takes the job sensing that something is off about it all There is In the worst way possibleIt has been a while since I've read anything from Sean Black His first Lock thriller novel was recommended to me and I loved it Sean has since branched out into writing a mystery comedy series that I've got on my TBR at some point I'm going to have to admit I have a book buying problem Reading another Ryan Lock novel was like putting on a comfy pair of shoes Sean keeps the narrative interesting keeps the pacing fast and isn't afraid to land plot punches most authors would avoidHighly recommend this novel for thriller and crime thriller fans i wonder what lengths black had to go through in researching thisp222 raven you writing me back has been about the best thing that's happened to me in my hole shitty life so far Another great book in the series The events just kept happening with little time to prepare for the next I will be starting the next book when I can slow down the rate of my breathing The racing of my heart Get my head around the Oh No thoughts How will the series carry on? With the same type of action Black has laid out before us in the past I suspect Ok I can breathe nowbut do I dare? My heart is beating normally but there just may remain a new heaviness to ponder But I'm up for the challenge Great story Kept me up turning pages Not too happy about the ending though Good thing I had seen some spoilers about the end because if I hadn't I would have been devastated Better to have had time to prepare for really sad ending I'm loving this series and Ryan is really growing on me Moving on to Book 4 now But would like to know what happened to Angel?

  • Hardcover
  • 347 pages
  • Gridlock Ryan Lock #3
  • Sean Black
  • English
  • 09 April 2015

About the Author: Sean Black

I write the Ryan Lock series of thrillers which feature ex military bodyguard Ryan Lock and his partner former Marine Ty Johnson The first two books in the series Lockdown and Deadlock hit the Official UK Top 50 Bestseller Chart and the third Gridlock has just been released in hardback They have have also been translated into Dutch German and RussianI'm a firm believer in hands on res

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