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Candle Street Hall First part in the wickedly erotic Tempting The Devil series by Monica Belle with occult and female submission themesFor Chloe Anthony the dark and brooding Julian d'Alveda has always been 'the one that got away' since he was expelled from college under mysterious circumstances Years later he still plays a major role in her hottest most explicit fantasies But when on the offchance she discovers his whereabouts giving ghost tours in a grand country house she decides it's high time to lay her true feelings bare and much What Chloe doesn't bargain for is becoming embroiled in Julian's money making scheme that dallies with the occult or her irresistible attraction to his boss the haughty mistress of Candle Street Hall Vanessa Aylsham But just because these things were unexpected doesn't mean that Chloe isn't coming around to them or indeed finding a whole new world of pleasure

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