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De Gaulle et Churchill Charles de Gaulle — Wikipdia Charles de Gaulle n couter communment appel le gnral de Gaulle ou parfois simplement le Gnral n le novembre Lille et mort le novembre Colombey les Deux glises est un militaire rsistant homme d'tat et crivain franais Chef de la France libre puis dirigeant du Comit franais de libration nationale pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale prsident du Gouvernement Charles De Gaulle ue sont devenus Philippe Elisabeth Anne la fille chrie du Gnral Cet enfant a soud le couple De Gaulle car ensemble ils ont tent de l’veiller de la faire progresser en s’adaptant son rythme jusu' sa mort De Gaulle et les commmorations du Dbaruement une L'pope de l'le de Sein le dernier texte de Denis Tillinac uand de Gaulle passe en revue ses premiers marins Londres il s’exclame Vous tes la moiti de la France Entre la Bretagne et lui se noue un pacte d’honneur et de fidlit Il De Gaulle et Giraud l'affrontement De Gaulle est rus d’une froide rsolution dsormais implacable face un Giraud aurol de la gloire militaire de la libration de la Corse et de la Tunisie De Gaulle abattra finalement Giraud l’homme des Amricains Rsistants et gnraux de l’arme franaise renaissante sont contraints de choisir De vritables mutineries organises dans la Marine par les Churchill et De Gaulle Deux caractriels ui se hassent De Gaulle est un peu la chose de Churchill mais la chose est rticente De Gaulle n’est pas aussi complaisant et redevable ue Churchill le souhaiterait alors ue c’est lui ui l’a Anne de Gaulle — Wikipdia

  • Hardcover
  • 476 pages
  • De Gaulle et Churchill
  • François Kersaudy
  • English
  • 23 July 2016
  • 9780689112652

About the Author: François Kersaudy

Le professeur François Kersaudy historien polyglotte et biographe de Churchill Goering et Mountbatten est aussi l'auteur du seul ouvrage au monde sur les relations entre de Gaulle et Churchill Perrin Dans la collection Maîtres de Guerre il a également écrit Hitler Staline et MacArthur

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  1. Mikey B. Mikey B. says:

    This is an epic account of two towering historical figures The many confrontations between these two are outlined in detail It was truly a lovehate relationship Churchill was by far the emotional and could whip himself into an irrational frenzy but as the author points out he had an eternal love for France that superseded the intractability and haughtiness of Charles De GaulleChurchill supported De Gaulle from the very start when he left France in June of 1940 De Gaulle was defiant and the antithesis of those who signed the armistice and collaborated with Germany De Gaulle as Churchill and many others discovered was no puppet to be manipulated He had no ualms saying “Non”Nevertheless the two men despite their innumerable disagreements deep down truly admired each otherPage 375 my book Speech of Charles De Gaulle in Paris on November 11 1944 with Winston Churchill in attendance “It is true that we would not have seen it liberation if our old and gallant ally England and all the British dominions under precisely the impulsion and inspiration of those we are honouring today had not deployed the extraordinary determination to win and that magnificent courage which saved the freedom of the world There is no French man or woman today who is not touched to the depths of their hearts and souls by this”Page 424 Winston Churchill speech on November 6 1958 in Paris “Charles De Gaulle will always be remembered as the symbol of the soul of France and of the unbreakable integrity of her spirit in adversity I remember when I saw him in the sombre days of 1940 I said “Here is the Constable of France’ How well he lived up to that title”The author points out that Churchill was stuck between Roosevelt who detested De Gaulle and his own aspirations to restore France to proper European prominence De Gaulle always overemphasized Anglo Saxon perfidy and conspiracies He never seemed to realize that Churchill was conducting a world war on a vast scale and would encumber him with perceived slights and intrigues like Syria and Lebanon that were minor in comparison to the multitude of issues that both Churchill and Roosevelt were dealing withThis is a wonderful history of these two larger than life figures – and at times hilarious – as neither would back down from their positions They were both so different in temperament – Churchill emotionally upfront De Gaulle austere and glacial and unlike Churchill he could hold a grudge Both were opinionated with a strong sense of history

  2. Will James Will James says:

    I saw this book recommended on FiveBookscom and managed to get an old and tattered copy for just £277 on To say that it is worth its weight in gold is an understatement It is perhaps one of the best history booksdouble biographical books I've ever encountered Kersaudy really succeeds in demonstrating the complex world inhabited by these two great titans of the Second World War and brings their emotions calculations and egos under the historian's microscope Nor does he shy away from letting the primary evidence speak for itself with whole pages given away to lively personal testimonies and extraordinary minutes of meetings where both men dominated discussionsThe relationship between Churchill and de Gaulle with its roots traced firmly back into the darkest days of 1940 was truly an epic partnership whilst simultaneously one of the most bitter rivalries of the Allied war effort It is surprising how focused Kersaudy's book is on the two men Whilst Roosevelt Eden Hull and others feature regularly there is hardly any emphasis on Eisenhower Montgomery George VI Stalin or others Hitler or any other Axis figures hardly get a mention A fantastic book and well recommended

  3. Pierre Frbf Pierre Frbf says:

    Nous voici arrivés à la fin du voyage Mais après tout cela on peut encore se demander ce ue le général de Gaulle pensait réellement de Winston ChurchillChurchill? Un grand artisteIl reste tout de même à savoir ce ue Winston Churchill pensait réellement du général de Gaulle De Gaulle? Ah C'est l'Homme de la France Magnifiue récit très documenté de deux grands personnages différents opposés? et de leurs relations tumultueuses mais au combien chaleureuses et maruées par le respect

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