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Find Me On Route 66 as word travels that children's grave sites are being discovered along the road the parents of missing children form a silent caravan They are being shepherded by NYPD Detective Kathleen Mallory who seeks a killer like none she has ever known and a child unlike the others herself

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  1. Woman Reading Woman Reading says:

    35 Stars taken for a wild ride along Route 66 Find Me is O'Connell's 9th installment in her Kathleen Mallory police series normally set in New York City Although it can be read as a standalone I wouldn't recommend this as one's introduction to the enigmatic and brusue Mallory Find Me's initial crime involves Mallory's house guest found dead with a bullet wound to the heart and a love is the death of me note Mallory is not available for uestioning despite the corpse marring her otherwise minimalist decorated condo Her partner in NYPD' s Special Crimes unit is Riker who tracks Mallory and soon realizes that she's heading for the Mother Road the historic Route 66 that covered 2448 miles between Chicago and Los Angeles Indeed Mallory has souped up a VW convertible with a Porsche engine that would be the envy of any nostalgic driver rolling along the mythic American interstate This is the first of many hyperbolic aspects to Find Me Mallory has her own reasons for her road trip She encounters an oddly staged homicide in Chicago and then a caravan of parents whose point of commonality is that they have lost a child The major crime under investigation in Find Me is the identity of a serial killer view spoilerwho had killed 101 little girls and who now turns to murdering the bereaved patents hide spoiler

  2. jo jo says:

    i think i'm being generous i think this book could easily get two stars and it would be okay yet i loved it for long stretches and got turned off only towards the end still endings count in the mystery genre a book that weaves a very complex web but lets you down at the end is a seriously flawed bookthis started losing me when the intricacies of the plot became so intricate that i started losing the ability to suspend disbelief also o'connell plays with red herrings and misleadingconfusing side plots a bit too close to the fire i got burned for most of the book though i shamelessly rooted for mallory she has the potential to be a very good character maybe the previous books of the series show her in a less preposterous light maybe future books will i have read neither now i'll talk about the mystification and de mystification of the female loner literature high and low brow has male loners galore but the other characters don't spend uite as much time worshiping them at a distance tiptoeing around them discussing them analysing them worrying about them above all they don't call them the kid male loners are cool this female loner is cool too definitely portrayed as such but for some reason o'connell felt the need to endow her friends with an insistent sticky brand of avuncularism that at the end does get on one's nerves leave well enough alone already the woman on the pedestal is a mainstay of heroic representations of women since homer and plenty people have made the argument that it actually diminishes women i am not telling o'connell to get with the program but i'm telling you that it would help a lot with my enjoyment of her books if she didmaybe carol o'connell is not too worried about the diminishment of her character though and here's another observation i am no mystery expert but my tiny exposure to the genre has led me to observe that women writers love to put their female characters in situations in which women and or children get massively brutalized i understand the exorcising function of this fantasy the drive to turn terror into pleasure it's primal and common and i buy it and maybe male writers do it too and maybe only the three or so women mystery writers i have read do it SPOILERS having covered my bases though i'd like to say that in this 21st century of ours it might be nice for women writers to move on from this specific exorcising fantasy and be a little less transparent in their desire to come to terms with violence against women and children i mean do you HAVE to get ONE HUNDRED LITTLE GIRLS brutally slaughtered?the small mercy here is that there is no sexual violence the annoying fact is that the killer must be über phobic of touch with a live human being in order for this fact to be supported by the narrative i get frustrated by the way in which this culture of ours thrives on the brutalization of children i know we are all terrified i know we are battling powerful frontier fantasies of treacherous enemies and the great unknown i also know that the strongly religious fundamentalist roots of our cultural with their accompanying demonization of sexuality make us angry and repressed but com'on it's the 21st century it's okay to lay the beast to rest it's okay to walk close to it and realize that it isn't that bad after all it's okay to let our kids walk to the grocery store on their own play in the front yard unsupervised grow up a little less frightened

  3. Annie Annie says:

    A most excellent 5 star read

  4. Kimba Tichenor Kimba Tichenor says:

    Although the ninth book in the series it is the first one for me For most of this book I was torn between 4 and 5 stars It has a complex plot well developed characters and a great sense of place Everything that you are looking for in a great mystery So what went wrong? A disappointing anti climatic ending and in a mystery a good ending obviously counts for a lot Still I would certainly try another book in this series by this author

  5. Amanda Patterson Amanda Patterson says:

    O’ Connell has set herself apart as one of the finest psychological crime writers ever‘Love is the death of me’Detective Riker reads the suicide note found next to Savannah’s corpse The gunshot victim is lying in his partner Detective Kathy Mallory’s apartmentIs it a suicide or a homicide? Mallory has disappearedIf you aren’t acuainted with Kathy Mallory do yourself a favour and change that There has never been a character like her in crime fictionMallory is the most beautiful most heartless most terrifying heroine you’ll ever meetUntil the final page of Mallory’s last outing Winter House and now in Shark Music O’ Connell used the enigmatic third person viewpoint She turned us into intruders who watched Mallory Mesmerised voyeurs we never knew what she thought or what she feltDid Mallory in fact feel?In Shark Music we enter her mind and the torment and tension of being there is almost unbearableFar away from New York the corpse of a man lies on Route 66 This road has become a burial ground for a number of bodies – all of little girls aged between five and sevenMallory’s mother died when she was six She never knew her father She became a street child marked by cold truths and ruinous logic Her chilling manipulation of technology boggles the brain She is literally the ghost in the machineWhy then has she left a paper trail for Riker to follow?He knows that she filled her car with fuel in Pennsylvania and Ohio She follows the eerie caravan of parents searching for lost children led by the enigmatic Dr Magritte She finds items belongings to her lost father She looks at photographs of him and sees the electric green eyes that belong to herThis complex novel rips apart the hopes and despairs of lost parents and lost children It enters the place that no human being wants to go EverAnd you know as you read that it can only end in tears And still you readFrom the mystery and malice of Mallory’s Oracle to the brain numbing fear in Flight of the Stone Angel O’ Connell has set herself apart as the finest psychological crime writer everShark Music surpasses all that has gone before It is a masterpieceAmanda PattersonRating 55

  6. LARRY LARRY says:

    As posted in I got this book as a gift since it is known among my friends that I love Grafton's Kinsey Millhone and Cornwell's Kay Scarpetta So I thought I'd love Kathy Mallory Not I am aware that there is a series of Mallory's adventures I am aware that one needs to read a couple of other books of the series before rendering a verdict However this book alone was enough for me to decide that I won't be reading another book by Carol O'Connell In this series Mallory hits Route 66 for two purposes One to find her father or rather to find pieces of his life You see Mallory was a feral child before she was caught and adopted by now deceased Lou Markowitz a legendary copdetective Two she's in search of a serial killer who abducts kills and buries children by the edges of Route 66 Initially sounds interesting However the Mallory character is hard to relate or sympathize You could say that despite of it all Mallory is still feral She's unapproachable brash and has a big chip on her shoulder Sure people can be toughbut show a little humanity Nah I'll stick with Kinsey Millhone and Kay Scarpetta any day

  7. Lydia Lydia says:

    For those of you who have read the previous 8 Mallory novels you will love this one in particular for the new insights we get into Mallory's life and history As far as the action goes it does not disappoint The story once again has so many twists and turns that you have no problem being just as confused as Charles Butler is when he can't figure out what's going on and YOU get to hear ALL of the story and not just his segmentI can't praise these books enough They are wonderful Laugh out loud funny at times; heart pounding page turners at others My only problem with them is that they are my introduction to crime novels and I doubt many others I read will stand up to Carol O'Connell's work The mysteries filling the shelves at the library can't possibly all be as good as these bookscan they? Fellow readers of the Mallory novels what other crime novelists are as good as this one and therefore worth my time?

  8. Linda Robinson Linda Robinson says:

    Read this through one night and remembered a long time ago my Dad said you can get by with hardly any sleep as long as what kept you awake was a good time I only regretted the lack of sleep a little Mallory elevates her whackness including chipped nail polish begob Butler's got his groove back and Riker is just as entertaining and frumpy with better skills displayed Didn't care for the FBI which I'm sure O'Connell is perfectly happy with Wonder what the history is there? The parents made me anxious as parents can sometimes do The kids were excellent The premise and duelling story lines were O'Connell's usual superb but the ending was bolloxed Feels like she ran out of deadline time and had to wrap up by the weekend Still O'Connell writing not at her best remains far and away better than most ACK This is the last written Mallory novel Have to find another addiction right away Again

  9. Barbara Bryan Barbara Bryan says:

    Ninth in a series with Kathy Mallory NY detective former homeless waif I prefer to start at the beginning and I heard this wasn't one of the best I will try again Listened to it and found it fairly hard to follow jumped around alot and had a lot of characters may have been easier to follow in written formCaravan of cars with parents of missing children drives along Route 66 where dead children are being dug up Killer is part of caravan psychiatric priest knows who he is but wont tell due to confessional Load of crap people keep getting killed it's ridiculous

  10. LJ LJ says:

    FIND ME Suspense US Cont – ExO’Connell Carol – 10th bookPutnam 2006 US Hardcover – ISBN 0399153950 There is a dead woman in her apartment and NY detective Kathy Mallory has taken off in a VW Beetle with a Porche 911 engine to travel old Route 66 At the beginning of the highway the intersection of Adams and Marshall in Chicago lies a body with it’s hand pointing down the road As Mallory is in search of her past her friends Riker and Charles Butler are after Mallory and join with a caravan of cars driven by the parent s of missing children brought together by the discovery of children’s graves discovered all along this famous road Reading O’Connell is such a pleasure In Mallory she has created one of the most interesting female characters written and then added Riker as her friend and partner who loves her as she is and Charles who just loves her much to his detriment In her usual style O’Connell gives us a layered story of Mallory’s search the parent’s plight and the battle of jurisdiction and corruption of the lead investigator There is tragedy on many levels humor to lighten things along the way twists to keep the reader on their toes and the metamorphosis of Mallory Is this the end of the series? I certainly hope not but as long as O’Connell keeps writing I could bear it I enjoyed everything about this book include Route 66 some of which I have driven and highly recommend it

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