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With These Hands Just finished With These Hands a collection of stories also by L’Amour The book opens with a rough and tumble boxing story I’ll make a confession right now what little I know of boxing and street fighting I learned as a very young girl from L’Amour “Haymaker” and “Liverpool kiss”are probably not in the vocabulary of most eight year olds I like L’Amours books because in spite of themselves they feel plausible probably because L’Amour drew from personal experience and his biography reads like one of his own novels To summarize He grew up in North Dakota and left home at 15 getting jobs as a seaman lumberjack elephant handler and miner among other things He served in WWII circled the world on a freighter sailed a dhow on the Red Sea was shipwrecked in the West Indies and was stranded in the Mojave Desert He won 51 out of 59 professional boxing matches and he was a journalist and lecturer Somewhere in there he found the time to amass a 10000 book library do extensive historical research and write than 100 books He was every bit as colorful as one of his characters and I can’t offhand think of anyone who lived a fuller life In some ways I envy the people who lived just as history was turning the corner into modernity They grew up with horses and buggies and died with space rockets; what must that have been like? But I think it must also have been sad to see things that you loved changing and going away forever Life was altering so uickly during that time sometimes it must have felt as if there was nothing recognizable from your childhood at all Adventure seemed so much easier to find back then; but perhaps I just haven’t been looking hard enough Louis L'Amour in my opinion was one of the greatest Western Authors to have ever lived but this collection of short stories are as good as they get though they are not westerns I think he wrote a lot of stories about things that actually happened or was inspired by events in his own life I would recommend this book to anyone It is good clean reading Proposed alternate title With These Hands I'm Going to Punch Your Face I like L'Amour but I think he thrives in a long form context not in short stories I will admit perhaps like other readers that I assumed L'Amour was just a western writer So when I picked this book from the library shelf I expected rustlers and six shooters and lassos and wagons This was a semi connected series of short stories that involve hands doing things mostly fighting and untying bonds around wrists and ankles Great characters decent dialogue excellent mysteries and clues in the crime stories My first of his short stories and I wasn't all that impressed Too much of each story seemed to revolve around a fight The good manly moralistic hero type takes on the bad guy the corruption the evil etc etc etc An OK collection of L'Amour stories I have read them at one time or another separately Misleading description of the theme behind the collection as each is not a dramatic tale of men and women pushed to the limits of human endurance and surviving against all odds Stories of crime sports war and adventure that only Louis L'Amour could write They are not westerns if that's what you're looking for These are stories of hard boiled detectives pilots boxers and others thrown into the thick of danger Loved half the stories The timeless fiction of Louis L'Amour is both unforgettable and undeniably American deftly capturing the heroic bravery and intrepid spirit that make this nation great L’Amour ’s legacy of work remains unparalleled setting a standard of excellence that few other writers have matched Now With These Hands pulls together some of L’Amour's very best work—eleven newly rediscovered stories that have never before appeared in a single volume From a South Seas island paradise to the icy reaches of the Arctic from the dark gritty streets of urban America to the rugged landscape of the untamed West the stories gathered in With These Hands combine razor sharp characters with breathtaking action and historic detail Here are tales of adventure mystery passion suspense and the Old West as only L’Amour can tell them The result is a collection that profoundly echoes the highs and lows of the human experience while proving that life’s most vital moments can occur when and where we least expect themAll of the classic L’Amour themes are represented honor loyalty and standing up for what’s right despite the odds These dramatic stories grab hold of the reader with a power and immediacy unsurpassed by any other writer An exotic island in the Coral Sea is transformed into a tropical nightmare when it’s taken over by a band of hijackers—and only a daredevil pilot can stop their brutal carnage A former boxer blows the lid off a vicious crime ring—and finds that his worst enemy is not a thug with a gun but his own tenacious curiosity A down on his luck rancher discovers the key to his own redemption—and desperately hopes that his revelation has not come too late for him to win the one thing he wants most of all A private eye navigates the twists and turns of a labyrinthine whodunit—and proves that the greatest risk to a man’s honor is his own greed The title story With These Hands is a powerful tale that celebrates the triumph of the human spirit as an oil company executive finds himself the sole survivor of an Arctic plane crash Fighting for his life against the perilous cold and looming starvation he resists the temptation to surrender to death—only to discover a life affirming strength he never knew he had Vivid in scope and displaying the diverse talents of a master storyteller the stories in With These Hands are certain to be treasured by both old and new fans celebrating the incomparable imagination of a timeless American author Really good short storiesI really like the stories This is the second collection that I have read I do prefer the books and in particular the westerns

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