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  • Paperback
  • 123 pages
  • A Splash of Magic
  • Sue Bentley
  • English
  • 14 February 2016
  • 9780141332451

About the Author: Sue Bentley

Sue was born in Northampton where she still lives For many years she worked for Northamptonshire libraries and remains a passionate supporter of Public Libraries Sue loves everything about books the feel of them their smell the way they look And has a habit of matching a bookmark to the cover of each book she's reading The process of reading the feel of the book carrying it around in her

10 thoughts on “A Splash of Magic

  1. Natverse Natverse says:

    That's right I am finally finishing the books of this series that I missed before I move onto Magic Kitten Let's get to it Charlotte honey never tell a strange magic bunny your name IT COULD HAVE BEEN A POWER HUNGRY EVIL BUNNY Secondly Mel is an animal neglecting phony Yeah I am channelling my inner Holden CaulfieldThirdly every good bunny owner knows rabbits will not hop into your handbag willingly no matter how much you try to look like Paris Hilton or how many treats you pack in there Bunnies don't trust hoomins for shit DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE FALSITIES OF THIS MAGIC BUNNY I'm starting to think Arrow started off as a Magic Puppy I should have read that series firstFinally Charlotte's mum clearly has some sort of cancer and her friend Mel is completely clueless until she is told Charlotte resorts to support in an invisible magic bunny that may or may not actually exist but appears to children having problems A magic bunny that also claims to be hiding from some evil bunnies that have unspecified powers What will these evil bunnies do if they get their sneaky paws on a hoomin that has been in contact with Arrow? I am starting to suspect my own rabbit of evil intentions Look at the glint in his eyesHe's going to find himself on the streets if he tries anything

  2. Althea Althea says:

    The evil bunnies made a total of ZERO appearances I am hugely disappointed

  3. Noor Alaoua Noor Alaoua says:

    I love it so much this book and it is my second magic bunny book and I love them because they are cute And sense l love these magic books a lot l want to read all the magic bunny books and the magic puppy books and the magic pony books and the magic kitten books all the magic books

  4. Chris Chris says:

    Let's add another review to the pile that calls out this so called children's series for its both patent and latent racist narrative shall we? It's not that I didn't enjoy the story outside of its problematic commentary on society; I just didn't appreciate that this book is marketed as a book for kids It's not for kids So 1 starview spoilerThe book starts with a prologue in which a large rabbit of advanced age named Strike warns our hero bunny Arrow a pure bred magical white bunny to watch out for the darkies The dark fur rabbits live in sualor you see And even though the whites want to relocate the darks to the whites' territory to save them the dark rabbits want to retain their property rights and improve their lot on their own terms To do this the dark rabbits reuire the whites to lend them a magical object The whites however think that lifting up the dark rabbits will disenfranchise themselves where have I heard that before? and refuse them temporary use of this object With the key which is actually a key to the dark bunnies' survival around his neck Arrow is spirited away to the human dimensionBut the story really begins with Charlotte a self conscious and selfish young girl afraid of change who is visiting her friend Mel Mel who moved away from Charlotte's town earlier and now lives in a small coastal village keeps bunnies but not very well Arrow magically appears only to Charlotte transformed into a beautiful caramel and white mix breed Of course Arrow shows his true form for Charlotte so that she'll trust him Anyway Arrow retains 100% of his white privilege despite his mixed heritage form all the while invisible to the rest of society as if he were actually a darkmixed bunny Charlotte nonetheless smuggles her new disguised friend into her attic as if it were a brown bunny She even suggests to Arrow that he allow her to put him in a cage for the full incarceration experience but Arrow refuses He is after all whiteCharlotte Mel and Mel's friends go outside to play tennis Charlotte notes how the village doesn't live up to her standards only apologizing for such an obvious faux pas after she's caught It turns out as a white girl she's also a poor tennis player Charlotte feeds Arrow some lettuce and tomato slices Some other things happen that are eually irrelevant to the story Anyway before long Mel's white trash dad throws some burnt sausages into his yard jk but which part of that sentence am I jk about? Then by some miracle of leporine racism the sausages are suddenly just fine and the family can enjoy its supperLater Charlotte ventures the beach with the other girls only to find that it's a pebble beach Like wtf how can she build a sandcastle with pebbles hello? Mel tells Charlotte basically to f off a moment for which I had been longing since Charlotte was introduced in chapter 1 Mel's friend Jamelia who was sadly white washed by the illustrator pulls out a knife and suggests that Charlotte fly her kite She agrees but the wind carries the kite into the water Living dangerously I suppose the rabbit bounces into the waves after it Charlotte braves the rigor of the whitecaps to save her friend but magically she doesn't get wetLet me pause here to note that this is probably the most interesting effective and frankly impressive metaphor that the author offers It is now clear to the reader that Charlotte has not yet physically matured I'm not sure however what this information has to do with the rest of the story Does her ability to witness Arrow derive from some sort of divine innocence perhaps? We may never know It's unlikely to be explained in a future volume but if it is you bet I'll inform youAnyway Mel gets upset because she wasn't the center of attention for the last five minutes resulting in a tiff between Mel and Charlotte Mel is subseuently imprisoned for the evening by her mother Though the story is told from a somewhat limited point of view it's pretty clear that she probably deserved such treatmentThe next day the cast attends society by going to a carnival and enjoying the rides and games The bunny gets scared of some plastic and paint and disappears We've all been there Afterward Charlotte and Mel overcome their previous differences and get stoned back in the attic That is they play with some stones My badBut alas Before too long Arrow the Bunny's pure blood hometown Moonglow Meadow needs its crystal key so Arrow must leave to feed his warren with magical sustenance At the moment of his departure Arrow inspires Charlotte always to follow her dreams a great message for children Given Arrow's circumstance however this parting message pretty clearly reads like always follow your dreams so long as those dreams involve the erasure of the lesser races which is a less desirable message for children what with the holocaust and all But was this book which was published in 2010 at this moment prophesying the future Trump administration? Was this a warning that we overlooked because our attention was focused instead on Benghazi emails?Charlotte's mother arrives at the end of the story she's been ill by the way with a captive mixed breed bunny whom Charlotte names after Orlando Florida's professional basketball team an interesting choice and a real cliffhanger ending hide spoiler

  5. Scott Scott says:

    Other than unburning a plate of sausages Arrow really sat this one out providing nearly no magical assistance to the protagonists' problems Why are you even here other than to spread propaganda about the dark bunnies to unsuspecting denizens of the mundane world like a furry little rainbow eyed Goebbels That said I honestly thought Mel and Charlotte's little estranged friend drama was an authentic and honest treatment of the subject The sick mother was an unnecessary touch This is probably the best one of the series which really makes you wonder whether the bunny angle is necessary at all But I suppose I wouldn't have read this series in the first place if it weren't ridiculously covered in furry animals sparkles and rainbows So I get it

  6. Diana Diana says:

    Sometimes you just need a magic bunny to make everything all better This was an adorable story with cute illustrations perfect for young readers to read on their own or stressed out 40 somethings with an obsession for cute magical bunnies

  7. Laura Laura says:

    I love bunny books so I'm reading the whole series

  8. Krista Krista says:

    We bought this book from a Scholastic order form because of the cover which is practically irresistible in its sparkly cuteness to my bunny loving children and to me apparently I didn't realize it's the third in a series and the magic rabbit is pretty superfluous to the plot which turns out to be a good thing The main plot is pretty mundane kid stuff about change and being a good friend; it's not particularly well done but neither is it terrible It's OK I guess and there is a realistic enough happy ending so I wasn't mad when I finished it The framing plot is the magic rabbits and I don't know if the text has been edited or what but there are no dark bunnies mentioned in our Scholastic edition only gully rabbits Once I realized this was the third in the series I read reviews for the other books and yikes We will not be buying them I agree with the other reviewers that this looming bunny war of white rabbits vs dark rabbits makes no sense whatsoever except as some kind of thoughtless unintentional? racial allegory Because the magic makes NO SENSE in either world it's wildly inconsistent and doesn't hold up to half a second's thought If the magic is limited and must be conserved why does Arrow use it for random showy tricks and not for useful things but I digress? Or if the magic is not limited why can't he use it to make ALL the magic bunny lands be lush utopias? I'm on board for magic but not nonsense There are so many fantastic children's books out now; we won't be wasting any time on this series no matter how adorable the covers are

  9. A_quiet_fangirl A_quiet_fangirl says:

    Actual uote from the book “It was nice having three girlfriends instead of just one” It sounds so weird out of context lol Anyway this is NOT a book I would read nowadays but my sister bought it along with a Magic Kitten book because of the cover Which I would like to add kinda terrified me The bunny gives you a menacing look and stares into your soul This book was “meh” overall I didn’t really like the main character even if she was pretty relatable Like “oh a bunny talked to me AND it told me I could tell anyone and only I can see it WELP THATS NORMAL LETS GO ON WITH LIFE” In her position I would be uestioning my sanity What if it were all a dreeeeeeaaaaaammmmmm? So that was one star off The other problem I had was that her mom solved her problem for her The theme of the story was that you don’t have to go through anything alone but Charlotte the main character only realizes this after her mom talks to her friend about it FOR her I would’ve preferred it a lot if Mel Charlotte’s friend had overheard one of Charlotte’s venting to Arrow the rabbit who I think is secretly evil I had some other minor issues with the book but YOU can find what makes you most uncomfortable YEAH It was a fun read though

  10. Jaime Jaime says:

    My 6 years old daughter fell in love with these magic bunny book's She already loved the magic kitten book's but I wasn't sure if she would like the bunnies since she thought the puppies ponies series where just ok She said that this is one of her new faves She loves Arrow just as much as she loves Flame Santa brought her the first bunny book and the Easter bunny brought her this one as well as the next few which she can't wait to read Although I read these to her I always let her choose the star raiting so it's from a kid I would be inclined to give it 3 4 stars

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