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The Outlandish Companion I was rather disappointed in this companion book After reading JR Ward's Blackdagger Brotherhood Insiders Guide I kinda expected this companion to be similar with inside insight into the characters and little tidbits of information not presented in the books It read like a dictionary There are synopses of each book through book 4 Drums of Autumn She actually broke down each novel into roughly 15 pages or so No insight just straight text giving the highlights of each novel I expected information here The chapter on characters was rather interesting but again no new information except the horoscope charts for Jamie and Claire which were impressive but irrelevant IMHO Sections on Family Trees glossarypronunciation guides and websitesonline venues I found pointless and a waste of space I did not read but uickly skimmed The chapter on Lallybroch was interesting but again nothing new just bits and pieces pulled from each of the four novels The freuently asked uestion section was really interesting The nerve of some people readers is absolutely amazing Then there are 100 pages of bibliographies boring and other than an historian who would read these pages?Regardless of the amount of work that went into this publication by Diana Gabaldon definitely not worth the 40 price ticket Besides coming in handy to readers who’ve paused mid series for a lengthy period of time and want to remember the events of the previous books before picking up where they left off The Outlandish Companion is a captivating insight into the writer’s creative process How the first book came about plus the research that went into further developing the story of Claire Randall Fraser I was pleasantly surprised by her down to earth vision on the craft and all the little selfironies regarding what it means to be a writer of historical fiction “ “I’ve done my research and now you’re going to pay” That is novels that include mind numbing masses of detail because the author can’t bear to “waste” any of the effort spent in research” Of course even though Gabaldon is not the kind of writer who tortures her readers with pages and pages of descriptions and historical facts she is careful to point out her own misdemeanours and even responds to the criticism she faced for her books over the years I loved the tiny illustrations scattered across each chapter and simply by flipping through the book you can recognize the amount of work that went into the production of this companion I look forward to reading volume 5 So excited that my secret Santa gave me an couk gift voucher and I could purchase this Merci beaucoup mon amie Je t'aime xxxx I'm currently with my mom who is in the process of passing away from a terminal illness She is an Outlander fan and I've spent many hours over the last few days reading to her from this book It has been enjoyable for both of us to spend our time in this way There were parts of the book we really liked and parts that weren't really something we wanted to know about but probably interesting for others things about the herbs and medicine Claire gets into We enjoyed very much discovering some of the finer points of the author's research which led to some of the details of the books such as there really being a James Fraser a Madam Hildegard and others We loved hearing the author plans to write a preuel about Jamie's parents We loved the idea she has for a novel about Master Raymond And most of all we loved that she intends for there to be a happy ending to this massive taleIf you're an Outlander fan I do recommend this volume It's like having your own chance to ask the author all the uestions you've ever had about the books She pretty much answered everything I've wondered about so far and even things I hadn't thought of yet We have the next volume as well We'll see if we want to dive into that one as well This was an enjoyable extra to the Outlander series though I did skip some sections such as the list of characters horological interpretations Gaelic glossary etc It was amusing to see her write about being an author in the early days of the internet and about her plans for the series when there were only a few books published and to see how those plans have changed I read the updated edition but not all sections were as up to date One section listed The Fiery Cross as the 2nd to last book another section mentioned Written in My Own Heart’s Blood It definitely made me want get a hurry on with the rest of the series so I can discuss it fully with my mom I love love LOVE the Outlander series so of course had to have this book I thought it had many interesting bits but also a bunch that I didn't care to read and that's ok That's what I expected I liked FINALLY knowing how to pronounce those Gailic words but WHY oh WHY didn't she have the Foreign Language Glossary in alphabetical order? What a PITA to look up anythingI did like reading her email exchanges with her computer group as she was hashing out ideas that was interesting And I loved her footnotes funny This would be a good gift for someone who loves the series but not a must read This book was written as a companion to the Outlander series a book full of fun facts background details and stories about the making of the series written by Diana Gabaldon It was written after Drums of Autumn the fourth book in the series I waited until I had read the first four before reading this and I would definitely recommend that as there many spoilers included here as well as a synopsis of each of those books The fact that I would actually read this big heavy hardback reference book cover to cover probably says it all While I am a big fan of the series I wouldn't say I'm obsessed I just love the books There is definitely something special something rare about how readers connect with the characters And I also feel that there is something special and rare about the author herself Her stories about the stories are nearly as good as the stories themselves I've skimmed a few other similar companion books but found that they were much better used as a tool to refer back to not something to curl up with and read just for pleasure Not so with this one While parts of this book were interesting to me than others I found all of it to be very readable and very enjoyable This is something that will remain on my bookshelf as I continue to follow the story of Claire and Jamie Fraser If you are new to the Outlander universe this is a gem of a book to pick up Not only are there detailed summaries of the first books in this remarkable series the author also has different chapters on where she got her ideas for the characters her thought process on writing information about herbal cures a list of music that would bring Scotland to mind freuently asked uestions Jamie and Claire's horoscopes a listing of other books to read once this series reading has been exhausted and many other interesting tidbitsWhile I did not read all of it I found the bits I read extremely interesting I skimmed through some of the other sections and found the parts I picked out to be usefulRecommend this book #1 New York Times bestselling author Diana Gabaldon has captivated millions of readers with her critically acclaimed Outlander novels the inspiration for the Starz original series From the moment Claire Randall stepped through a standing stone circle and was thrown back in time to the year 1743—and into a world that threatens life limb loyalty heart soul and everything else Claire has—readers have been hungry to know everything about this world and its inhabitants particularly a Scottish soldier named Jamie Fraser  In this beautifully illustrated compendium of all things Outlandish Gabaldon covers the first four novels of the main series including   • full synopses of Outlander Dragonfly in Amber Voyager and Drums of Autumn • a complete listing of the characters fictional and historical in the first four novels in the series as well as family trees and genealogical notes • a comprehensive glossary and pronunciation guide to Gaelic terms and usage • the fully explicated Gabaldon Theory of Time Travel • freuently asked uestions to the author and her sometimes surprising answers • an annotated bibliography • essays about medicine and magic in the eighteenth century researching historical fiction creating characters and • professionally cast horoscopes for Jamie and Claire   For anyone who wants to spend time with the Outlander characters and the world they inhabit Diana Gabaldon here opens a door through the standing stones and offers a guided tour of what lies within I'm kicking myself for not reading this sooner Until now I have used the companions as reference books which they are wonderful for but I didna realize how much I would love reading all they contain from cover to cover If you are an Obsessenach like me I highly recommend you READ these It was simply delightful from page one Can't wait to dive into Volume 2

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