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World Civilizations Volume II Short chapters great stories and tons of study tools Adler and Pouwels's WORLD CIVILIZATIONS VOLUME II is a vibrant introduction to world history structured to meet the demands of your study schedule It's clearly written packed with charts and illustrations and loaded with review features so you'll be up to date in class and ready for the test And because WORLD CIVILIZATIONS VOLUME II offers extensive coverage of Asia Africa and the Middle East you'll have timely historical insights into the issues that make today's news Get WORLD CIVILIZATIONS VOLUME II and discover how having all the information you need to know for the test really does eual a better grade

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  1. Megan Megan says:

    This was a pretty good textbook though I wish there had been explanation on some of the events since it seemed like in some of the sections the textbook wanted you to already have a basic knowledge of the events when sadly I did not Nevertheless I did like this textbook and was sad to part with it at the end of the semester

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