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Andromeda Klein Andromeda Klein has a few problemsHer hair is kind of horribleHer partner in occultism Daisy is deadHer secret estranged much older and forbidden boyfriend in theory has gone AWOLAnd her mother has learned how to textIn short things couldn't get much worse Until they do Daisy seems to be attempting to make contact from beyond books are starting to disappear from the library and then strangely and suddenly Andromeda's tarot readings are beginning to predict events with bizarrely literal accuracy Omens are everywhere Dreams; swords; fires; hidden cards; lost broken and dead cell phones and what is Daisy trying to tell herIn the ensuing struggle of neutral versus evil it's Andromeda Klein against the world modern society demonic forces and the friends of the libraryFrom Frank Portman author of King Dork comes another uniue literary experience Andromeda Klein is dark funny smart and entirely unforgettable From the Hardcover edition

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  1. Punk Punk says:

    YA Andromeda Klein lives so deeply in her head that in the first couple of pages of this you only get a few glimpses of her She's riding her bike She's wearing a hoodie But mostly she's thinking about tarot and the Egyptian god Thoth She relates to the world through tarot and her thoughts are complicated and infinitely layered but I have to believe Portman purposely made them as dense and inaccessible as possible maybe to show us how different Andromeda is how alienated from her peers because he later explains many of the same concepts in a way that's easy to grasp In fact the rest of this book is highly readable once you get over the steep wall of Andromeda's thoughtsIt's hard going though The opening throws a lot of new concepts at you Andromeda has difficulty hearing because of osteogenesis imperfecta a condition that affects the bones and cartilage and she's developed her own language based on words and phrases she's misheard It's a lot to remember but as chapter four promises Most magical writing is deliberately obscure designed to hide crucial matters from the uninitiated yet reveal them to those who know how to read the texts properlyThat's this book exactly If you stick with it and learn Andromeda's language her world will open up to youAndromeda is sly funny odd and always herself and she's in high school so of course that makes life even difficult and this book is about libraries and magic and finding people who accept you for who you are and it's pretty damned satisfyingFour and a half stars rounded up to five for good behavior This starts off ploddingly but I soon became immersed in Andromeda's world and tore through the second half of the book rooting hard for her Recommended Difficult but rewarding Use the lexicon in the back

  2. Jeph Jeph says:

    In all honesty I really can't recommend this book in good faith However for my part I'm such an easy critic that it really grew on me Even so a book that takes until halfway through to really get moving and only really comes together at the last chapters has some problems in the workingsAndromeda Klein tells the story of a misunderstood teenage girl who is obsessed with Tarot cards and the occult Her life is falling apart at the seams Her best friend died while she was on a family trip her much older boyfriend has lost interest in her and the library is weeding out all her favorite books And now she is receiving odd signs in her Tarot readings and from the world around her What does it all mean and what is the universe trying to tell her? You'll have to slog through the book to find outAndromeda Klein read like a blog based on the rate it told the story It was very slow moving and heavy on character inside jokes based on the main characters mis hearings of words However the book is very well researched and packed with names dates references and lexicons to all things magic I enjoyed the story by the end but most readers will have closed this book long before the chapters reach the double digits

  3. Sesana Sesana says:

    I didn't really like King Dork when I read it so I'm not sure now what exactly got me interested in reading Andromeda Klein Probably it was the concept of a modern teenager doing ceremonial magic in a very Crowley sort of way And maybe if you liked King Dork and you're deeply interested in ceremonial magic it'll be a great read for you But I didn't like King Dork and I have only a passing interest in ceremonial magic so this was doomed from the startThe ceremonial magic is very very well researched Which may well be part of the problem The book reads very much like it's being transcribed from a book of research notes But this is supposed to be Andromeda's inner thoughts and people don't really think like that Not even Hermione Granger Not unless they're actually consulting their notes But we start the book following Andromeda on a bike ride where her thoughts resemble a lecture in ceremonial magic and it just doesn't ring true Now as soon as we get out of Andromeda's head the world starts to come alive For the most part the teenagers are acting like real live teenagers and talking like real live teenagers But the plot? It has no end Things are set up but nothing comes of them or we're cut off before the resolution This is obviously intentional but it's just as obvious that there won't be a seuel We're just going to be left hanging on Well pretty much everything that could be called a plot thread in this book I don't know why Portman wrote it that way but this is your advance warning nothing that you want resolved will be resolved in any way And considering the situation that he sets up in the last few pages I'm pretty displeased Trying to avoid spoilers as much as possible the book ends with Andromeda in a very serious situation with no hint whatsoever of how it will be resolved Not pleased

  4. Zan Zan says:

    Edit I originally gave this book 4 stars I mention why in the original review below which is unchanged but given that I haven't been able to stop thinking about it or its fascinating main character since I read it and keep recommending it to friends it definitely warrants 5 This is a great read though not for everyone see review below and if it doesn't deserve 5 stars I don't know what does it just leaves you a little pensive and wistful at the end at least that's how it left me so be forewarnedI enjoy a good YA novel a lot sometimes than books written for the adult market The territory comes with a certain liberty to incorporate uirky and bizarre themes and their meditations on coming of age and self discovery remain identifiable at any age because everyone either has or is still experiencing them Andromeda Klein is a really good YA novel In fact it's just a really good novel which happens to be centered on a mental being whose temporal prison of in her own eyes rather disappointing flesh has yet to find release from that circle of existence which is called High School And who also happens to practice occult magic to varying degrees of success only ever had one than kinda sorta friend who is now dead and is so divorced from contemporary culture she doesn't recognize the band view spoilerLed Zeppelin hide spoiler

  5. Kat Kat says:

    I liked King Dork so this had been in the ueue for a while This is another coming of age story about an awkward teen at the very bottom of the social totem pole In this case it's Andromeda Klein a teenage girl obsessed with magic tarot and the occult Her best friend recently passed away her older guy crush won't text her her parents are nutty her hair is awful her friends are like frenemiesThis may sound like your standard young adult fare but throw in lots of randomly obscure and esoteric references to ancient mythology and magic a talking guardian angel an entire lexicon of words misheard by Andromeda due to a rare medical condition and you've got yourself one weird book Portman can't resist throwing in punkrockindie references and characters here and there but they certainly aren't the focus like they were in King Dork It takes a while to get into this if this might be the type of thing that you could get into in the first place and if I hadn't already loaded the first 6 discs into my car's CD player for my commute I might not have stuck it out However I eventually enjoyed my small dose of craziness each morning on my way to work Ultimately this is one of those books that I just can't properly critiue There were a lot of things left hanging throughout the story and an ending that just didn't really do it for me Bottom line you probably won't like it I don't think I did

  6. Betsy Betsy says:

    Terrible so so terrible I didn't actually finish this book which is pretty rare for me but there was no listing for I tried but it was just WAY too bad I was SO disappointed in this book I can't even begin to describe it so I won't Instead I'll make a pitch for Frank Portman's 1st book King Dork which uite possibly ranks as my favorite teen lit book Yes it even beats Catcher in the Rye ; So if you picked this one up by mistake don't write off Frank Portman Go get King Dork and you won't be disappointed Let's just hope he gets back on track for book #3 or sticks to music see Mr T Experience or something

  7. pandamans pandamans says:

    Slow read often muddied Wade away from the banks of the first 50 pages and the waters start to clear but there is no current that takes you away Dealing with the occult one gets the impression the author busied himself so much with reading up on the complexities of the subject that he never got the chance to unstring the tangled points of light into a cohesive plot

  8. Colleen Colleen says:

    I could not finish this book It read like a text book on how towith the occult I felt like it was a platform for teaching people about tarot cards witchcraft new ageetc It seemed to be less about a story and about teaching

  9. Megan Megan says:

    I started listening to this on audio CD but when my ears began to bleed I uickly retrieved it from the CD player and calmed myself with some NPRreally really crappy

  10. Laura Moon Laura Moon says:

    This book was weird and relatable but in a casually dark twisted chemically imbalanced teenage kind of way Definitely niche for all you kiddos who maybe had a scene emo witchy phaseWhat I liked best about this particular novel was the style of writing which sets it apart from other YA in my opinion Throughout the book Portman’s tone remains relaxed Even when he is discussing some pretty gnarly subjects divorce death and depression Many YA books tackle these issues with overtly dramatic prose which usually yields a lack of full reality or sincerity But I think Portman’s choice to discuss these topics matter of factly and with a casual air creates space for the problems to speak for themselves Further his choice to offer brief glimpses of vulnerability from his characters made those moments so much stronger BUT DAMN this book is long it’s a mental exercise from start to finish Constantly you are adding new words to your lexicon in order to navigate this book whilst trying to remember ever single “synch” that Andromeda encounters in her magickal world Overall it was a weird read But I think I came out on the other side understanding a bit about the magick in my own world

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