Nathalie: Confessions Of A Fashion Model: The Dark Side Of

Nathalie: Confessions Of A Fashion Model: The Dark Side Of The Fashion Industry - Monarch Mind Control, Slavery And Sexual Abuse (English Edition) This book tells the story of Nathalie a fashion model who has been celebrated for her striking physical beauty She did shootings for many prestigious magazines and photographers and she has been booked for important fashion and jewelry shows to the huge fashion catalogs worldwideNathalie did shows for Dior Cartier Issey Miyake Chanel Kenzo Comme des Garon and many other famous designers She was also booked by Diners Club for luxury fashion catalogs which are exclusively made and only available for the high class society Many think that fashion models lead a glamorous life In this book you will learn that not everything is about glamour and fame In the Fashion industry there are countless dangers After Nathalie became the darling of high ranking politicians moguls powerful business executives famous actors like Keanu Reeves and singers like Julio Iglesias Royalties and members of some of the richest families of this world like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds she was drugged for elite sex parties and raped by many of them Most modeling agencies are nothing less than whorehouses and bookers are their pimps Models are beaten get their faces cut up or will be killed if they dare to tell the truth Many of them died falling from a balcony or in other mysterious ways Other models did disappear before they got the chance to reveal what is going on behind the scenes They have never been foundIt is very dangerous for young girls and boys to become part of the fashion world There is no one who protects them After reading this book you will understand that the models agencies cannot be trusted They are the last to protect the young modelsIn this book you will not only gain insights into the world of the Fashion industry it is also an outstanding piece of information about Monarch Total Mind Control programmingNathalie was not just a fashion model Special mind control programs play an important role in the world of fashion Like many models Nathalie has undergone Monarch mind control programming This program is able to divide the human psyche into multiple personalities MPD all within the same individual Each personality is able to take over ones consciousness at any given moment Nathalie has been programmed multifunctional She has uniue features to her system of personalities She not only has standard Monarch programming one of the multiple personalities programmed alters created within Nathalie was a programmed high class Beta sex slave exclusively for the super rich The primary function of Beta models is to provide perverted sex and Sadism and MasochismHer story shows that she has undergone the Delta military programming as well She has a special knowledge about warfare all sorts of military weapons different guns and ammunition One of her other personalities knows Secret Codes for Access to internal computers of intelligence agencies During her career as a fashion model Nathalie not only has been used by the sex industry but she has been used also by several organizations in fields such as the military and intelligence agencies Nathalie has gone through a lot She did not know that the source of many of the incomprehensible events had to do with her programming She had no idea that she was a programmed Monarch slave Nathalie woke up at the age of after having flashbacks Occurrences that she is aware of nowadays were unknown to her in the past This is reflected in her story In this book you will not only gain important insights into the world of the Fashion industry it is also an outstanding piece of information about Monarch Mind Control

About the Author: Nathalie Augustina

Is a well known author some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Nathalie Confessions Of A Fashion Model The Dark Side Of The Fashion Industry Monarch Mind Control Slavery And Sexual Abuse English Edition book this is one of the most wanted Nathalie Augustina author readers around the world

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